Tidal Flooding, Prescription Drug Monitoring – Thursday’s Roundup

Tidal flooding in the South Jersey area is set to be slightly worse than usual this year, due to rising sea levels and a potential El Nino pattern, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, citing a new federal report. Areas further inland and Philadelphia are also seeing more flood days each year, the report shows. Models show that an El Nino effect is expected to develop this year, between now and April 2018, and that would compound tidal flooding in coastal areas.

Local Campaign Finance, Beach-Tag Vending Machines – Wednesday’s Roundup

Local Campaign Finance
The Atlantic City fight for mail-in ballots turned out to be the make-or-break in yesterday’s mayoral primary. Council President Marty Small won at the polls, but lost to Frank Gilliam when the mail-in ballots were counted, the Press of Atlantic City’s John DeRosier reported. That difference comes down to money and out-of-town contacts. Gilliam had raised a whopping $87,105 ahead of the election, according to his most recent campaign finance filing. More than double the $36,673 Small raised over the same period.

Longport Installs Beach Tag Vending Machine

Longport, Absecon Island’s hinterland of smoke-free beaches and elevated mansions, now has a beach-tag vending machine. “This is a new concept for the Borough so please have patience (as) we learn how to operate and maintain this machine,” read a message posted to the Borough’s website on Tuesday. The machine is located in the police department foyer and available 24 hours. If you’re considering buying a Longport beach tag, you should probably get down there to check it out quick since tag prices are soon going up. Regular seasonal tags are available for purchase at $15 through June 16. Then the price will go up to $30.

Elections, Atlantic Coast Drilling, Club Wa – Tuesday’s Roundup

Atlantic County has some interesting primary elections today and The Press of Atlantic City’s John DeRosier has the rundown on the last few weeks of campaigning in the Democratic primary for mayor of Atlantic City, and the Democratic primary for a spot on the party ticket for New Jersey Assembly (District 2). Then, of course, there’s the race for governor (NJSpotlight has all the details on that race you ever needed to know). We’ll be covering the results as they come in on our homepage and Twitter.

Pay Raises at CRDA, Predictive Policing – Monday’s Roundup

Predictive Policing
Vacant lots near laundromats are areas that draw crime in Atlantic City, according to a new policing model of the area. Rutgers Professor Joel Caplan has been working with the city’s police on ‘risk terrain management’ – a new way of looking at crime in cities. Lynda Cohen has the details for BreakingAC.com.

Casinos, and a Music Video – Friday’s Roundup

Yesterday there was a mysterious event in Trenton featuring Governor Chris Christie and executives from Caesars Entertainment and MGM. Nothing much was said, but there were some hints at some kind of potential collaboration and investment, with details to be announced soon, the Press of Atlantic City reported. This is interesting. The sixth-most-valuable package of land in Atlantic City (according to 2017 assessments it is worth $153.5 million*) is a parcel in the marina district, including land between the Borgata and Harrah’s (owned by MGM and Caesars respectively). Once upon a time, Steve Wynn had plans for it – the Mirage Atlantic City.

South Jersey Politics, Crime Reporting – Thursday’s Roundup

South Jersey Politics
There’s a battle going on between George Norcross’ South Jersey Democrats and their North Jersey brethren over who will lead the State Assembly next year as Speaker. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Andrew Seidman has the details. Maybe it seems like yet another childish political fight but it should matter to Atlantic County residents at least, since current Speaker Vincent Prieto has not been afraid to cross swords with Norcross’ man in charge of the Senate, Stephen Sweeney, over issues such as the Atlantic City takeover. And if you want more details, read Tuesday’s Politico piece by Matt Friedman on the speaker fight and how the prospect of (independently wealthy) Governor Phil Murphy will do little to water down Norcross’ influence.

Back-Bay Flooding, Downbeach Invasion – Wednesday’s Roundup

Back-Bay Flooding
Not enough attention is being paid to “insidious” back-bay flooding, which plagues thousands in New Jersey who live on waterfront areas behind or on the bay side of barrier islands, Wayne Parry reports for the Associated Press. Many studies are being conducted, as government slowly seems to be realizing that flooding from bays is as much of a problem as the somehow sexier beachfront flooding. And municipalities are starting to invest in dredging, pumps and renovating drains. According to the article, Ocean City is also investing in raising roads – something that has not yet had much traction around Longport, Margate, Ventnor and Atlantic City.

Ventnor Middle School Revives Multicultural Fair

Ricardo Agustin moved to Ventnor six months ago. He’s learning English for the first time. On Friday May 19 he was standing proudly in front of a stall and talking to other students, teachers and parents about his life in the Dominican Republic. He talked in Spanish and a little English. “We didn’t have fairs like this,” he said.

Teacher Layoffs, PILOT, Brown’s Park – Tuesday’s Roundup

Teacher Layoffs
Here’s a look via NJ.com at the school districts that are likely to lay off staff next year – none are in Atlantic County, but some of South Jersey’s bigger districts are featured. If you’re interested, you might want to revisit our interactive map that showed how immigration is propping up school enrollment in New Jersey, as the wider population exodus from the state continues.

Primaries, Hep C, Singh – Thursday’s Roundup

New Jersey’s 2nd legislative district (AKA most of Atlantic County) is one of the only districts in the state that is split between Republicans and Democrats. This year, Senator Jim Whelen’s retirement means there is a little more to fight over than usual, and it is shaping up to be an expensive fight. NJ Spotlight has a broad look here at the upcoming primaries across the state, with a few details on South Jersey.

AC Cuts, A Nuclear Mistake, Try a Tiny Home – Wednesday’s Roundup

AC Cuts
Yesterday Superior Court Judge Julio Mendez ruled that the state of New Jersey can cut salaries, change overtime and health coverage and limit terminal leave payouts for Atlantic City police, but he stopped short of allowing the state to proceed with job cuts. As with his previous – similar – decision in the case between the fire department and the state, Mendez found that job cuts before a full hearing would cause “irreparable harm”. Read all the details via Lynda Cohen at BreakingAC.

How About A Tiny Vacation Home?

Paul St. James has a campground along the Mays Landing-Somers Point road, but he lives most of the year in Phoenix. Over the winter he was watching a lot of tiny-home TV shows. “They have an entire channel. Fifty percent of the time they sell vacuum cleaners and the other fifty percent of the time they show mini homes.”