$10K, Weird New Jersey Turns 25 and More Numbers – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Back in June, Dimitrios Patlias and Tonya Smith of Egg Harbor City were driving through West Virginia when they were pulled over by a state trooper who–after accusing them of smuggling cigarettes among other heinous crimes–let them off with a warning for failing to drive in their lane–but not before he seized more than $10,000 through the exciting process known as civil forfeiture.

Good luck trying to get your money back! Dimitrios and Tonya eventually did, but how may surprise you…(sorry)

The Irish Pub’s Cathy Burke is the new chair of the Ellis Island Foundation – read more on our own Route 40.

Weird NJ, the delightful magazine that chronicles the legends–urban, suburban etc.–of the Garden State, turned 25 recently and the founders, Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran–sat down to talk about it the other day.

“If you want to put two dozen mannequins on your lawn and dress them, we’re not going to laugh at you. We respect that.”

Meanwhile, Elinor has written about a beautifully restored Atlantic City mansion that has the name The Osprey Nest emblazoned over the door. Is it affiliated with Stockton? Spoiler alert, we don’t have the answer.

How hot has it been this summer? NJ.com set about addressing that question for your reading pleasure here. We’ve had 30 ninety-degree days at the Atlantic City Airport in Pomona, well above average but not close to the record. Summer’s not over though!

For more feats of journalism from across the region, see below:

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