Buena to Vote on Opioid Resolution

The Buena Vista Township council is set to vote Monday on a resolution to support a bill in the state legislature that would prohibit doctors from prescribing more than seven-days’ worth of opioid painkillers the first time they prescribe the drug to a patient. Senate bill S-2035, introduced in April, is sponsored by Shirley Turner, Robert Gordon and Jennifer Beck. It requires that a medical practitioner “shall not issue an initial prescription for an opioid drug…in a quantity exceeding a seven-day supply.” Crazy to think, but being prescribed a month’s worth of dangerous narcotics is not an uncommon problem! You can track the bill in Trenton here.

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Atlantic City: Waste Removal Proposal Changes

Atlantic City, seeking to reduce costs by contracting out some of its waste removal among other municipal services, has a new proposal out that includes changes that came up in a pre-bid meeting with potential contractors. The fact that there was a pre-bid meeting and there were interested parties with questions is probably a good thing for the city (given how well the closed auction for Bader Field went). The changes are incorporated in this document here and mostly focus on requiring the contractor to provide waste containers to apartments and condominiums and defining “bulk waste” in some detail. Bids must be submitted by 11am on Tuesday Oct. 18.

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EHT: Job Search

Egg Harbor Township is looking to fill two positions, according to its website. The township is seeking a “deputy administrator” who needs to be an experienced leader with a masters in public administration or some related field. But if you don’t have that qualification or experience, never mind – maybe you are a yoga instructor? Because EHT is looking for one of those too. The township’s parks and rec department is looking to hire an “advanced” yoga teacher part time.

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Weather Masochism

Some people wake up on a day like this–wind howling in turret and tree–and immediately call in sick, resolving to spend the day drinking chamomile tea and watching I, Claudius reruns with the cat in their lap. Better to hunker down and avoid reality than risk getting hit in the face with a flying fish trying to make it to the office in a nor’easter. Some other people call in sick and think: I’m going to the beach! I met an example of this latter type this a.m. when I was walking down the boardwalk around ten o’clock and noticed a young man in a blue wetsuit struggling with a large black sail of some kind. A kiteboarding rig, it turned out.

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Flood Warning In Effect Through Friday

Watch out for flooding on Absecon island and offshore, particularly around high tides Thursday evening and through Friday as the wind strengthens and could bring waves of five to nine feet onto the shore, the National Weather Service said on Thursday. A blocked pattern of strong easterly surface winds is causing a storm surge raising waves by two feet, according to the NWS alert. Those winds are expected to strengthen during Thursday and the storm surge could reach up to two and a half feet, the Service said. “Easterly winds will whip waves of five to nine feet onto the shore as well,” according to the warning, which said that tidal flooding on Thursday night is expected to be deeper than the morning’s flooding. You can read more here and here are some extracts from the report:

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Northfield: Campground Management Contract Open

Northfield is seeking proposals to manage its Birch Grove Park campground, according to a notice on the city’s website. The city will award the contract through a sealed bid process. Sealed proposals will be opened on Tuesday, October 25 at 2pm. Specifications and other details are available at Northfield City Municipal Building. More information here.

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Triad Associates Gets AC Consulting Contract

Atlantic City’s Purchasing Board awarded a one-year contract to Triad Associates to provide consulting services related to Community Development Block Grants for one year. Triad, based in Vineland, is a community development group that has worked in South Jersey and further afield for almost 40 years. The Purchasing Board’s award, posted on the City’s site here, also shows that a request for proposals to provide technical assistance to Atlantic City businesses drew no bidders.  

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Stockton Aviation Park: Bids Requested

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority is seeking bids for development of the “core and shell” of a building at the Stockton Aviation Research and Technology Park. The Authority is looking to begin early works at the new development. The contract up for grabs is to provide infrastructure and site improvements for Building #3, including site grading, site utilities installation, driveways and parking lots, according to the document on the ACIA’s website. Bidders must submit a bid bond for 10 percent of the total bid amount. Sealed bids will be opened and read at 1pm on Oct.

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Atlantic County: Seeking Demolition Bids

Atlantic County Improvement Authority is seeking bids from demolition companies to bring down four properties in Atlantic City, according to an advertisement for bids published on the Authority’s website. The properties are:

542 N.Trenton Ave

711 1/2 N. Indiana Ave

410 N. Ohio Ave

328 N. Indiana Ave

The properties are two and three story, wooden frame and brick single family attached and detached residences, according to the document. Interested parties must submit a bid bond for 10 percent of the total bid amount and present their sealed bid to the Atlantic County Improvement Authority at 2pm on Oct. 18. More information is available here.

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Construction has begun in earnest on the Atlantic City Gateway project–the much anticipated site of a satellite campus for Stockton University and future headquarters for South Jersey Gas, as well as parking. Because what would an Atlantic City development project be without a parking lot? Backhoes or diggers or somethings had made a little perfunctory scratch on the big vacant lot at the foot of Albany Avenue and the boardwalk earlier this summer, but then they went back into hibernation. Now they’re awake again and building sandcastles. 

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority earlier this week was set to issue $128 million in municipal bonds to finance the project, which is eventually supposed to house a couple of hundred students in the most ethnically diverse census district in the state (and the birthplace of yours truly). In the meantime, new construction in Atlantic City.

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