Disgrace Week is the Shortest Week – Thursday’s Roundup!

Happy Solstice, the shortest time of the year! Did you know Christmas has its origins in an old pagan festival? The ancient Druids noticed that winter loses all charm after December 25 and decided to throw a big party before flying off to Spain for two months. In other news, have you seen all the ads for nuclear energy lately? Cool, clear nuclear?

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Does Frank Gilliam Understand Millennials? Is Mark Callazzo a Hipster? These Rhetorical Questions and More – Wednesday’s Roundup

The Republicans are passing their tax bill, which is still polling in the low 30s, owing to the recalcitrance of the liberal media, though to be fair lots of other groups have spoken out against the bill as well. Among the locals in Congress it only has Tom MacArthur’s support. LoBiondo called it “detrimental.” Etc.

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The Brokenness of Many Things, and a Party at the Cemetery! – Tuesday’s Roundup

Adam Clark and Jessica Remo at NJ.com have a great story on school teachers in New Jersey accused of sexual misconduct–as in, against their own students–and how they keep getting jobs even though: are you kidding me?

“It’s called ‘passing the trash,'” Clark and Remo report, “a reckless cycle enabled by school administrators who fear litigation and shy away from controversy.” It echoes the situation with the Catholic Church or the Boy Scouts.

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‘A Little More Corrupt than I Anticipated’ – Monday’s Roundup!

The chairman of a hospital in New Jersey has resigned amid revelations he’d promoted a friend to serve as his assistant in a “‘low-show’ six-figure job,” Susan Livio reports. That chairman was: former New Jersey Governor Donald DiFrancesco! The job went to his friend, Jill Cooperman. Altogether, her hiring cost the “struggling” hospital $500,000, and Livio has a nice breakdown of how that cost was divided:

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You Can Be Blasé About Some Things, Rose, But Not About This Wawa – Friday’s Roundup!

A bill that would “give some elected officials bigger pensions” moved briskly through a senate panel yesterday, with zero debate and “in roughly one minute” of elapsed time, Christian Hetrick reports. The “pension padding” bill comes “at a time when public workers who are not politically connected have seen cutbacks.” Camden Mayor Dana Redd is singled out as a beneficiary of this happy legislation.

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Talking Tipping, Minimum Wages, Hospitality Fees and Atlantic City

Amid regulatory changes and a plan to hike the minimum wage, could the Atlantic City restaurant experience be about to change?

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What To Do When You’re Dead In Jersey – Thursday’s Roundup!

A guy who voted twice to put pipelines through your Pine Barrens–that national treasure–was not living where he was supposed to be living when he cast those votes on the Pinelands Commission, according to an environmentalist who just dropped a bunch of documents demonstrating the fact pretty convincingly, Michelle Brunnetti Post reports in the must-read story of the day.

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Private Eyes Watching You, Watching You-oo-oo – Wednesday’s Roundup!

Jeffrey “Boardwalk Emperor” Chiesa and his gang of avid money-savers hired a private investigator to “track” Atlantic City firefighters who are fighting–in addition to the fires–the state’s efforts to cut their salaries, the firefighters allege in court documents, the indispensable Amy Rosenberg reports.

Someone noticed a car lurking and called the police who ran the plates.

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