Avalon Flood Project, Tool Thefts – Thursday’s Roundup

Stockton University has teamed up with officials from Avalon for a project that will measure the flooding and rainfall the borough receives during coastal storms, reports the Cape May County Herald. Officials placed flood sensors around the borough (mostly under storm water grates) and data from the sensors will be collected and analysed throughout the year by Stockton.

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AC Airport, That Alligator Again – Wednesday’s Roundup

AC Airport
Glenn Straub is onto something with his plan to revive Atlantic City’s Bader Field as an airport, according to PlayNJ. “More flights to and from Atlantic City is something the city desperately needs,” writes Steve Ruddock (emphasis his). The piece goes on to note that most people currently drive, or fly to Philly and then drive, and there are various drawbacks to all the variations on these options. We’ve been interested for a while in a data project with Uber and/or Lyft, since we think more and more people are using ride-share services to get to Newark and Philadelphia Airports – it’s not just gamblers that need a better connection between AC and its neighboring cities, it’s workers too. Sometimes I like to daydream about what could have happened if all the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority money that went on projects that never happened (the Marketplace etc) or were torn down again (Laser lighthouse, Artlantic) had instead been spent on improving the speed of the train line to Philadelphia.

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Stockton Bust Saga, Bader Field, Algal Bloom – Tuesday’s Roundup

Stockton Bust Saga
Stockton University has formed a volunteer committee of faculty, administrators, students and instructors to “thoughtfully and objectively” curate an exhibit – and an eventual curriculum – that will discuss the university’s slave-owning namesake’s history and legacy. University President Harvey Kesselman said the debate about removing a bust of Richard Stockton from the library had been going on for several years, prior to its removal last week amid nationwide protests over controversial historical figures, reports Jacqueline Urgo for The Philadelphia Inquirer. “It has created the opportunity to engage in a discussion of the man, his role in American history, and how we might better remember him today,” Kesselman said. Bader Field
Atlantic City received four responses from a request-for-proposals to purchase and redevelop the 143-acre former airstrip known as Bader Field, the Press of Atlantic City’s Erin Serpico reports. One of the bids was from the current owner of the Long Island Ducks minor league baseball team (Frank Boulton, who is also a former owner of Bader Field’s Surf Stadium).

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County Tax Assessor Plan, Fantasy Sports – Friday’s Roundup

Hamilton Township officials are opposing a plan that would give Atlantic County a single tax assessor’s office, The Current’s Charlie Pritchard reports. NJ Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo earlier this year proposed legislation that would centralize tax assessment across the county, but the state legislature is not set to take it up before early next year due to elections.

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Paint Factory Cancer Suit, South Jersey Trolls, Opioid Abuse Treatment -Thursday’s Roundup

A federal class-action lawsuit alleges that several Camden-county residents developed cancer and other illnesses due to contamination from the Sherwin-William paint plant at Gibbsboro. The plant used toxic chemicals including lead, benzene and arsenic at several sites between 1930 and 1978, according to the suit.

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Producers Raise Funds to Film “48 Blocks – The Series” in Atlantic City

A Ventnor-based team of producers is hoping to shoot a one-hour dramatic series in Atlantic City this fall. Little Rock Films + Studios is fundraising to pay for a pilot episode that would be filmed in the city in November and offered to networks after post-production next year.

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Warehouse State, Hate Music Seller Shuts Down, Wild Quail – Tuesday’s Roundup

“The Garden State is on its way to becoming the Warehouse State,” according to The Record, which says that means jobs. It also seems possible that this might mean more jobs than are being lost as retail companies close down bricks-and-mortar stores. New Jersey, The Record reports, is well-suited to warehouse and logistics businesses because of its location and road networks. Amazon said earlier this year it would open a warehouse in Gloucester County.

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Norcross, TennAve, Rowan – Monday’s Roundup

George Norcross visited The Press of Atlantic City a couple of weeks ago for a 90-minute discussion about AC (and Camden, apparently) with the paper’s editorial board and reporters. The result was this interview published Friday, which is somewhat light on questioning of some of Norcross’ more bizarre assertions (“If we’d had casinos in Camden, you’d be looking at Las Vegas East”) but includes some interesting details, such as Norcross’s belief the state takeover of Atlantic City will continue even if Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy (who has said he would end the takeover) wins office.

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