A Wawa’s Last Waltz

The Dorset Avenue Wawa: Good luck navigating that parking lot, but it was an institution, so when rumors of its impending closure began trickling out on social media a month or so ago, cold fear ran with them.

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Atlantic City’s Needle Problem, Sewage Leak – Wednesday’s Roundup

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority is working around the clock to repair a leaking sewage main on the west side of Bader Field. As a precaution, shellfish harvesting in the waterways of Risley Channel, Dock Thorofare, Whirlpool Channel, Shelter Island Bay and Lakes Bay North of the Margate Bridge should be suspended. So far, water samples tested for elevated bacteria levels have come back within a normal range.

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Bungalow Park: The Daily Grind in the Shadow of a Dying Industry

From the steps of Patricia Harper’s Bungalow Park duplex you can look across the street through the gap in the houses and count three former casinos—the Revel, the Showboat, the Trump Taj Mahal—that were worth, not so long ago, well over $3 billion in total.

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Rowan College at BurlCo Discrimination Probe, Closet of Hope, Norman Rockwell – Friday’s Roundup

Rowan College at Burlington County has launched an internal investigation after a discrimination complaint was filed against its president Paul Drayton, who was placed on paid administrative leave last month. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Rowan’s trustees have hired an Ocean County-based criminal defense attorney to conduct an investigation into the complaint, which was filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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