Seen And Heard At The Stockton Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Big day in Atlantic City yesterday, as it felt like half the political class of the state was in Lower Chelsea for a few hours (see our recent profile of the neighborhood). We counted seven big black SUVs and three news vans, in town for Governor Phil Murphy’s to-do at Richmond Avenue School.

And that wasn’t even where the cool kids were hanging out.

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Rent Too D*amn High – Wednesday’s Roundup

A bill that would let the state buy up foreclosed homes and turn them into affordable housing was passed 4-0 by the Senate Economic Growth Committee Monday, meaning it moves on now to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. Versions of this bill have been passed in the…*searches thesaurus* past but were always vetoed by Chris Christie, who was a famous softball player.

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Rumors, Holtec Madness – Monday’s Roundup

There’s absolutely no truth to the rumor that a needle-exchange is coming to the old Dorset Avenue Wawa in Ventnor. File that along with the thing about Lucy the Elephant migrating to AC under: Rumors I First Heard When They Were Being Debunked. I’m badly informed!

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CRDA, Prescription Probe, Innovation! – Friday’s Roundup

Do you want to know what local officials said about the CRDA audit? David Danzis of the Press of AC will tell you. Not to spoil things, but I get the impression they’re comfortable going forward, business as usual. Another young entrepreneur from Margate has pled guilty in the prescription-drug scheme, after admitting to receiving $179,370 in “gross proceeds” and being ordered to pay $2,092,791 in restitution. Atlantic City and Atlantic County were both winners of $100,000 (each) Innovation Challenge Grants from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

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Cabeza Explosiva – Thursday’s Roundup

The CEO of Holtec told reporter Anjalee Khemlani it’s hard to find the help these days, since there isn’t a culture of work in Camden.

“They can’t stand getting up in the morning and coming to work every single day.” Am I crazy or is the guy whose company got $260 million in tax incentives suggesting African-Americans inner-city persons poor persons get too much stuff from the government?  It’s enough to make your head explode.

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A Weekday Night At Mr Steak

The girl in the white hijab wants to be a software engineer.

She holds a microphone and stands before a group at Mr Steak on Atlantic and Indiana Avenues. She raises her voice to be heard above the air conditioning and the chattering kids and parents packed around every table in the restaurant.

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