“Chinaman” likes to walk down Ventnor Ave to take advantage of the Heineken special at one of the stores in Lower Chelsea. He was wearing this hat the other day so we asked him the story. His landlady brought it back from Chinatown in New York, he said. She goes there once a week. The other weekend, we saw Chinaman outside Mino’s and he gave our kids some wrapped hard candies.

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Muni Madness, Walhburger Rising and Where Ween Recorded The Mollusk – Monday’s Roundup!

Matt Skoufalos at NJ Pen published part I of a series on the “challenges behind municipal mergers” and the roots of home rule in New Jersey, a big topic that touches on a lot of issues close to everyone’s hearts, including why we pay so much property taxes and how do we finance your spouse’s job with the government?
Part I of Big Skouf’s series is on roads and how we went from 125 towns in 1834 to more than 540 by the 1920s.

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Recruiting Holes, Sweeney, Tone & De-Escalation – Friday’s Roundup

File Under Every Accusation is an Admission
The former Port Authority commissioner who told Tenafly police officer(s) “You may shut the f— up” among other delights in an approximately eight-minute rant lovingly captured on the dash cam has now said the Tenafly PD should “review best practices with respect to tone and de-escalation.” We’re all going to have our favorite moments in this video, but mine’s when she tells the cops the kids in the car are PhD students at Yale and MIT. I went to Yale by accident (football recruit) and used to wonder how many of those grad students skulking around in their stevedore costumes had parents like this lady. Almost all of them, it turned out! Elsewhere in class consciousness, Steve Sweeney told the NJ Spotlight he’s opposed to the millionaires tax because he’s “trying to take the burden off of the middle-class people of this state.”

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#Winning – Thursday’s Roundup!

Amy Rosenberg at the Philly Inquirer dove deeply into the petition by Glenn Klotz to extend the boardwalk from the Fredricksburg Avenue border, where it currently ends, to stretch across Margate atop the dunes. There are many fun details in this story, e.g. that Glenn is the son of Red Klotz, who played point guard for the Washington Generals until he was 63 and sunk the winning basket against the Harlem Globetrotterson January 5, 1971 in Martin, Tennessee. The Generals were supposed to lose of course, as they’d done the 14,000 or so other times they’d played the Globetrotters, but Red hit a two-hander with ten seconds left and they won by one point by accident. “Let me tell you, beating the Globetrotters is like shooting Santa Claus,” Red reportedly said. Elsewhere in ‘Winning’
Imagine a world where government officials promise to give a private business $7 billion if they will build a headquarters in your state and transparency activists have to sue to even see the plans.

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Great Divides – Tuesday’s Roundup!

The New York Post reports that the US Supreme Court – the one in Washington DC – could rule as early as today on the case to allow sports betting in New Jersey, though they don’t really say why they think that ruling could happen today.

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Movies, Marijuana, Money – Monday’s Roundup

Scoop of the Week goes to Nanette LoBiondo who reports that a theater operator bought the long-abandoned Ventnor Twin theater and plans to reopen it next year as a boutique movie house slash restaurant where you can B your own B. Ventnor Commissioner Lance Landgraf said “the movie theater would be ‘a game changer’ for Ventnor,” NanLo reports. Honestly, this is more exciting to me than Revel + Hard Rock. (And it’s been Elinor’s dream for a couple of years). 59%
That’s the percentage of New Jerseyans in favor of legalizing marijuana according to the latest Monmouth U. poll, and it’s up 11% since four years ago. Elected officials, who get paid to do unpopular stuff all the time, are less excited.

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Murphy Fires Back, Immigrants Pay Taxes and Is Princeton Trump Country? – Thursday’s Roundup!

Phil Murphy fired back at Texas Governor Greg Abbott after Abbott wrote yesterday that New Jerseyans should consider moving to Texas because the taxes are lower there. This reminds me of the time some Texas state troopers saw a big bird in the sky and word got out the Jersey Devil had for some reason fled to Brownsville and my grandmother had to intervene to stop these people from Smithville (“the Concerned Citizens for the Return of the Jersey Devil”) who were going to fly down there in a hot-air balloon to retrieve our local cryptid. My grandmother was from old Leeds Point “Bay People” stock and she loved to sit around and listen to millionaires complain about their taxes. God I miss her. Elsewhere in immigration, undocumented persons paid more than $14 million in taxes in Atlantic County in 2017, and they paid $587 million statewide, according to a report that was no doubt compiled by liberals.

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