Drinking and Beaching – Tuesday’s Roundup


Sincere question: What does it say about the law if so many people ignore it that it’s not feasible to enforce it? And if you did enforce it, the local economy would maybe collapse? And the local economy’s what pays for the law enforcement and is most of the reason you have the laws in the first place?

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Rolls of the Dice – Thursday’s Roundup

Steve and Eydie rolled the first roll of the dice when Resorts opened, forty years ago this weekend. Actually, Eydie slept in Amy Rosenberg reports. Either way, you should read her story. The NJ Spotlight’s Tom Johnson dives deeply into the energy bills signed by Phil Murphy yesterday, one of which gave like what, $300 million per year to PSE&G? “Critics, including many business groups, consumer advocates, and environmental groups, countered that PSEG never demonstrated the plants are losing money.

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Making Atlantic City A New Music Destination – Starting With One Weekend In June

Atlantic City has a musical heritage that is less well-remembered than it should be. Once, AC played host to jazz greats including Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. It was where Eunice Waymon became Nina Simone and it was the long-time host city to crooners such as Frank Sinatra. Now, the big-buck beach concerts make headlines as often as not for storm evacuations and parking-lot gouging as they do for drawing big name performers. But behind the scenes, there are efforts to revive Kentucky Avenue as a destination for jazz clubs, to keep the Chicken Bone Beach Jazz concerts going and to support new music.

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Millennial Watch, Nuclear Subsidies and a Spartan Legend Joins ACHS – Wednesday’s Roundup

A new poll found only 33% of people ages 18 to 34 do not consider casinos “depressing” and David Danzis at the Press of AC called every Atlantic City gambling property – including the two new ones – for insight as to why.

He also talked to some actual Millennials who were having a good time.“I’m really puzzled as to why Atlantic City isn’t killing it,” one said.

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Rate Hikes, Electoral Apathy and a Showdown on Chelsea – Friday’s Roundup

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New Jersey American Water announced a 12% rate increase, effective next month. I’m sure their water’s delicious.

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Mystery Buyer Nabs 101 S MLK, Best Western Gets $3 Mln Mortgage, Stockton Donor Buys Beach-Block Lots

Atlantic City’s real estate market has had a relatively busy spring so far. A shell company earlier this month spent $510,000 on an Atlantic City building that includes a Pacific Ave storefront and apartments, the Best Western has a new mortgage and a Stockton donor has acquired two beach-block lots from the Atlantic Club.

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