#Winning At Something – Friday’s Roundup

NJSpotlight reports that a battle is brewing in New Jersey’s not-yet-existent offshore wind industry, between the companies that want to build the offshore wind farms and other companies, known as transmission developers, who build the power lines that deliver the energy to customers.

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They Put The Wood Up On Y’all

Around 11 am on Thursday morning—about an hour before it closed—two purple suitcases sat toppled in the lobby of the Fox Manor Hotel, maybe the most notorious of the many notorious boarding houses on Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City. A dismal parade of tired and vulnerable guests milled around the bags. A few of the guests had been staying at the hotel for months—a few for years.

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Poets’ Night Out

On Wednesday night at the monthly gathering of the South Jersey Poets Collective, Cole Larry Eubanks, who has been an ice-cream man on the Atlantic City beach for 24 years, at least, read an original work on immigration.

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A Guy’s Guy, Crony Capitalism Status Report, and the Closing of the Fox Manor – Thursday’s Roundup

Historically unpopular former Governor Chris Christie announced he’s putting a book out this winter called Let Me Finish, a brilliant title when you think about it, that cunningly pre-supposes the good people of New Jersey have ever had any real success getting Christie to shut the f*ck up in the first place. Longstory short: Atlantic City’s own Jitney Guy took to Twitter to ask, innocuously enough, if Atlantic City might get a mention, prompting a response from Christie’s own brother, who is an exec at Ernst & Young, who didn’t like that JG had referred to his Grace the Governor as a “guy.” “‘The guy’? You mean the 55th Governor of NJ? The Republican who won twice in a blue state?

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Small Businesses Collaborating, Innovating In County Still Mesmerized By Gaming

Atlantic County isn’t known for its small businesses or entrepreneurs. But in between the casinos, small business owners are working together to create new services and products.

Photographer Kelly Lentz earlier this year started taking pictures of Brigantine businesses and sharing them on Facebook and Instagram under the theme ‘Spotlight on Local’. Lentz started off wanting to photograph the businesses to show them the value of hiring a professional. But she found she was creating new relationships.

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Meat & Vegetables – Friday’s Roundup

Asbury-Park developer Patrick Fasano paid $919,995 for a bunch of properties owned by Gary Hill and John Schultz on St. James and New York Avenues. Fasano’s plans for this real estate have been reported (by the excellent Erin Serpico at the Press of AC) but Elinor has details on pricing, from the land records. To be honest, I heard Millennial “shipping-container-style hotel” and had a picture in my head, then I saw a picture of the food they’re serving at Bourré and it looks like meat strips, served with side meat, a mug of hot cheese and maybe some more onions and meat. Also collard greens.

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