Spook-tacular Halloween Roundup!

Happy Halloween Route 40 Roundup-ers! Hope you’re as excited about this holiday as we are, which is to say very. On this date in history in 2008, Bruce Springsteen released a song about the Jersey Devil. In realer news:

$2.13 per hour
There’s a push to raise base pay for New Jersey workers who work for tips and “generally make a baseline of as little as $2.13 per hour.” A new bill would raise that to $8.60.

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Atlantic County Receives Record Mail-In Ballot Requests

The Atlantic County Clerk’s Office has received over 15,000 mail-in ballot requests for the 2018 General Election and the record number is putting pressure on the clerk’s office to confirm signatures on the ballots.

Several voters told Route 40 their signature was rejected from a mail-in absentee ballot or an in-person mail-in ballot. There have been more rejections than usual because the number of mail-in ballots is so high, said Mike Sommers, deputy county clerk. 

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Saturday saw some of the worst flooding in the Atlantic City area since Superstorm Sandy. We compiled some social media posts that reflected the extent of the flooding, and residents’ humor in dealing with it.

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The Atlantic City To New York Bus Hack

Anyone who lives in or around Atlantic City knows that public transit to New York is biased toward casino travelers traveling in the other direction. Greyhound charges more for a round-trip ticket starting from Atlantic City than for that same ticket starting from New York. New Jersey Transit is cheaper but only runs 12 schedules a day at not-so-convenient times.

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Rooming Houses, Needle Exchanges and More – Thursday’s Roundup

After a lot of public comment, council voted unanimously in favor of the needle exchange becoming mobile-only, with restrictions on where and how frequently it can operate. The ordinance has not become law yet, and CRDA will be part of the implementation effort of the mobile unit, Councilman Jesse Kurtz (who presented the ordinance) said.

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