Worker Safety In Hotels

Assemblymen Mazzeo (Vince) and Armato (John) are sponsoring a bill requiring hotels with at least 25 rooms to provide portable emergency contact devices or “panic buttons” to employees (i.e. housekeeping) to protect against inappropriate conduct by guests that make work conditions unsafe.

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Excessive Force, Opioids, Dead Malls – Friday’s Roundup

An Atlantic City police officer, Sterling Wheaten, was indicted for civil rights violations and filing a false report over the 2013 incident in which Wheaten put his K9 dog on David Castellani after Castellani had four other police on him and one hand in a handcuff, per the indictment.

The city has already paid $3 million over this incident.

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What Is The Atlantic Club’s Owner Up To?

The Atlantic Club is still up for sale and its owners just modified a $10 million mortgage on their other Atlantic City Boardwalk property, The Claridge. These things are not related, Dale Schooley, director of acquisitions for the owners, TJM, told me yesterday. TJM paid cash for the Atlantic Club, Schooley added.

“We’re going to continue to market the property…the Atlantic Club. The Claridge is not for sale,” Schooley said.

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Let It Not Collect Dust – Wednesday’s Roundup

Everyone reports on the NJ Transit audit, which Governor Murphy released yesterday at a train station in Metuchen. The system’s a mess, but “fixable” Murphy said, while pledging not to let the report collect dust. It’s like he read our minds.

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Celeste Fernandez Is Trying To Talk About The Economy

Celeste Fernandez, candidate for freeholder at-large in Atlantic County, said she made her decision to run for office on November 9, 2016, which makes it easy to count her among the millions of women moved to action by the ascension of a reality TV star who boasted of sexual assault to the office of President of the United States.

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