48 Blocks – The Series, AC’s Missing Motel Owner, Libraries – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Sunrise at Gardner’s Basin by Chelsea Errichetti (@chelbythesea).

48 Blocks – The Series
A Ventnor-based team of producers is fundraising to film the pilot of a dramatic series in Atlantic City. “A powerful real estate developer must choose between greed and community as his actions determine the future of the 48 blocks that make up present-day Atlantic City,” reads the tagline. We love the pitch (and not only because it includes a strong female lead character who is a reporter uncovering the developer’s troubled past!)  We checked in with Little Rock Films + Studios to find out a bit more – read the story here. If you want to support the project and hear more about it, you can come to a fundraiser at Little Water Distillery in Atlantic City on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 5.30 pm.

AC’s Missing Motel Owner
There was a raid, an alligator and a suspicious fire at Atlantic City’s Bayview motel. Now the motel’s owner is missing. Without any action, the buildings that make up the motel will be demolished on Monday, Lynda Cohen reports for BreakingAC.

In November, New Jersey will go to the polls and along with the options for a new governor and other representatives, there will be a public question about whether the state should issue a $125 million library-construction bond. Libraries – funded by state and local taxes – have come under increasing financial pressure as New Jersey’s demographics have changed. And while much has been made of declining public interest in paying for or supporting libraries, there was also outcry in Longport after a public question ended the shore-town’s county-library access (and the borough worked hard to open a new library). Matt Skoufalos of NJPen in Camden County interviews three library directors about library funding and the need for the bond funding.

NJ Senator and former Atlantic City Mayor Jim Whelan died. Whelan, 68, had an operation in July to remove a growth from his kidney and announced in January that he would retire. The cause of death was not announced. Whelan was also an Atlantic City lifeguard and schoolteacher (he taught Bill swimming in 5th grade). Read more via BreakingAC.com.

In the rest of the day’s news, it’s the Atlantic City Airshow today (don’t take your drone out), construction of the new Lidl store in Vineland is nearly finished, there were 20 arrests as part of a prostitution sweep in Atlantic City, and a Cherry Hill sailor is among the missing after the USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker near Singapore. All that and more below:

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