Adventures in Electricity, ‘Thtuck!’ and the Mayor’s Party Doesn’t Trust Him to do Licensing – Thursday’s Roundup

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A day after the BPU rejected their proposal for a wind farm off Atlantic City, EDF Renewables announced it was partnering with Shell (a much bigger company) to build a much bigger wind farm offshore.

Is it possible when EDF said “offshore” the regulators thought they wanted to put their windmills in Northfield instead of eight miles off the coast?

I’ll show myself out.

EDF Renewables and Shell Invest in New Jersey Offshore Wind

Elsewhere in free enterprise, PSE&G applied for $900 million in subsidies for its nuclear plants. In case you were thinking of applying for $900 million, the Spotlight reports the filing application took “nearly 200 boxes.”

Flick from Christmas Story explained how they did that stunt where his tongue gets stuck to a frozen flagpole (“I triple-dog dare you!”). Apparently it involved a little vacuum cleaner-ish thingy. He (the actor Scott Schwartz) is from North Jersey but close enough.

Elsewhere in Christmas, there are a lot of weird Santa pictures in this selection of vintage photos of Christmas in New Jersey from I think my fave’s the Hoffman family, circa 1900.

Confidence Is A Preference (For The Habitual Voyeur)
Atlantic City’s Mayor Gilliam intervened to reopen a store that had been closed after a police raid. Members of his own party on the city council said he shouldn’t be able to do that. Read our story here.

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