Ice Hockey, Ram’s Head and City Council Backs the Chief – Thursday’s Roundup

State Senator Nicholas Scutari ponders a valuable question: What lessons from gambling legalization in Atlantic City can be applied to marijuana legalization statewide?

Well, anecdotally, we’re 40-years in and we have a 35%+ poverty rate, a ring of angry suburbanites in pickup trucks and there’s a bankrupt casino impresario currently doing standup and setting the Constitution on fire in the White House every night.

Maybe we should try a different model.

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Trump Plaza, Tax Credits, Force Report – Wednesday’s Roundup

There are  a lot of interesting nuggets in Joe Atmonavage’s story on the Atlantic City Police Dept., whose use-of-force rate is nearly four times the state average, but this one jumped out at me: the ACPD’s total uses of force dropped steadily since 2013–when there was the incident with the K9 outside the Tropicana that resulted in a $3 million settlement–but the force rate stayed pretty much the same (because the number of arrests dropped). I’m no math wizard, but doesn’t that seem odd?

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Happy Solstice and Stuff – Friday’s Roundup

Good morning Route 40 readers! Happy Solstice to all those who celebrate. Today is the day my people believe the dragon stops eating the sun and pauses to digest briefly before beginning the long process of regurgitation, which culminates on the 4th of July. Please plan to attend our Xmas party if you haven’t already done so. I will be wearing my traditional robes.

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Adventures in Electricity, ‘Thtuck!’ and the Mayor’s Party Doesn’t Trust Him to do Licensing – Thursday’s Roundup

A day after the BPU rejected their proposal for a wind farm off Atlantic City, EDF Renewables announced it was partnering with Shell (a much bigger company) to build a much bigger wind farm offshore.

Is it possible when EDF said “offshore” the regulators thought they wanted to put their windmills in Northfield instead of eight miles off the coast?

I’ll show myself out.

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Supermarkets, Wind Farms, Football etc. – Wednesday’s Roundup

Atlantic City’s getting a new supermarket, probably it will be a ShopRite-affiliated supermarket, probably it will be back on Baltic Avenue near Ohio, where CRDA owns one of its many parking lots. If it seems like only two months ago that CRDA approved a consulting contract to explore the issue, bear in mind the consultants seem to have worked even faster than that. Sentence first, verdict after! As they say. The state BPU has rejected, for a third time, a planned 25-megawatt windfarm off the coast of Atlantic City.

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Force and Race, Taxes, Gerrymandering – Monday’s Roundup

The data team at has another story from their use-of-force database, this one focused on racial disparities, which found that, statewide, based on population, “a black person is 229 percent more likely to have any type of force used on them compared to someone who is white.”

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