November 21, 2017

Carl Icahn Goes to the CRDA, Fight for $15 and More – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Gov.-elect Phil Murphy pledged to support raising the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, from the current $8.44 per hour. “This is as high on the priority list as anything we’ve got,” Murphy said, Politico reports.

Free to those who can afford it…
Noted billionaire (and former special regulatory adviser to President Trump) Carl Icahn is seeking public funds for the demolition of Trump Plaza, the Press of AC’s Nick Huba reports. The CRDA is scheduled to talk about the project at today’s board meeting at 2 pm.

If handouts to billionaires seem a tough sell in our local political climate, think only, gentle reader, of the sparkling vacant lot that would result from imploding the Plaza.

CRDA wants that vacant lot. CRDA needs that vacant lot…

A few more fun facts about Captain Carl and the Plaza: 
* He recently got $330 million in tax settlements for property taxes paid between 2014 and 2016.
* Demolition would make it easier for him to sell the Plaza!
* It would also lower his tax bill!

Speaking of the CRDA
AC Primetime’s Mel Taylor has a handy side-by-side comparison of the “important Atlantic City projects” that could benefit from $11 million that agency is scheduled to distribute, including repaving of Atlantic Avenue, beefed-up public safety, retraining of the recently downsized, residential tax relief.

Or, they could spend $10.5 million to renovate the Boardwalk Hall lobby.

“With limited funds, can you guess which critical projects will get the financial assist from this NJ State controlled agency?”

In the rest of today’s news, a bill that would expand mental-health screening across the state cleared an important hurdle, a new report on chronic absenteeism shows South Jersey students “fare worse than their North Jersey counterparts when it comes to missing school and the head of the NJ ACLU said marijuana legalization would address “a racial justice issue and a civil rights crisis.” All that and more below on the Route 40 Roundup page.

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