Atlantic City Council Votes Yes For Expanded Outdoor Drinking

Atlantic City Council on Wednesday night voted in favor of allowing open containers in certain parts of the city’s Tourism District. The city by itself has no power to permit local bars and restaurants sell take-out drinks. But the council’s move was an important step to show the state that the city wants the law changed, officials in favor of the legislation said.

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Tiny Bottles, Absent Owners

Here is a small plot of land in Atlantic City’s Tourism District that happens to serve as a collection point for a lot of disused liquor bottles. Before we get ahead of ourselves, I have nothing against park-drinking.

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Surviving ‘The Walk’

Millennials, everyone knows, love walkable cities (except when they don’t) so it’s undoubtedly an excellent thing as Atlantic City pivots toward rebranding itself as a 24-hour live-work-play destination that we have invested tens of millions of dollars in pedestrian amenities and infrastructure.

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Atlantic City Postpones Vote On New Debt

Atlantic City Council will postpone a vote on issuing $55 million in new debt to pay for pension and healthcare contributions that were deferred in 2015, two councilmen said. The council had planned to vote on the second and final reading of the bond ordinance at the meeting later on Wednesday.

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