Christie Also Talked Pensions, Atlantic County Food and MLK Recognition – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Christie Also Talked Pensions

We covered the State of the State address here and while everyone focused on the outgoing governor’s main message on tackling the drug crisis, he also alluded to more reforms to the state’s public-sector pensions. Those comments seemed important but they have not gotten as much coverage. This is from his transcript, on the subject of the state’s pension system: “We have done more to restore solvency to this broken system than any recent group of leaders in this city. There is more to do and I will present more ideas to finish the job we started in 2011 when I present you with my 2018 budget.” So there’s that to listen out for. Here’s the full transcript, in case you’re interested.

Atlantic County Food

You can watch and listen to SNJ Today’s coverage of an inaugural meeting of Atlantic County officials with non-profits and businesses to improve access to healthy food in the area. “The idea here being to bring groups together who are engaged in providing greater access to healthy food…to create awareness of these programs among the community and to spark some action ideally,” said Richard Uniacke, the vice president of the southern branch of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

MLK Recognition

Bill and Tammy Schmincke, who founded the Stop The Heroin movement, and Kelsey and Kim Jackson, who run Kelsey’s in AC and raise money for culinary scholarships (and do a whole load of other great things too), will be recognized at the county’s Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration on Friday. You can read more about what the Schminckes and Jacksons have done for the community here, via Shore News Today, as well as find out about the details of the ceremony.

You can read the rest of today’s headlines, including a story from the Press of AC on the Coalition For a Safe Community and another worthwhile read from Lynda Cohen at BreakingAC on a mother who has set up a group for victims of violence, here below:

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