College Assaults, Court Shakedowns – Wednesday’s Roundup

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A second Stockton student has come forward to allege in court she was raped by a graduate and that the school did not do enough to prevent the sexual assaults. The suit names a fraternity that was “unrecognized” by the school but still held parties off campus. It also named a 25-year-old who spiked, allegedly, a student’s drink, then assaulted her and posted videos of the assault online. The suit alleges Stockton did not investigate that alleged sexual assault. Stockton said it was not permitted to comment but looked forward doing so, when permitted. Read more from Lynda Cohen.

Elinor talked to some small South Jersey business owners who are hustling hard – there’s a lot going on in the shadows of the reopened casinos.

Thousands of New Jersey properties are regularly flooded, as in by floodwaters, then rebuilt, only to be flooded and rebuilt again and again–sometimes twenty or more times, according to this great story by Carla Astudillo, based on a report from the Houston Chronicle. The repairs are subsidized by the National Flood Insurance Program that covers 250,000 or so property owners in New Jersey. It’s a real shame when you think about it, how many affluent beach-house owners have become dependent on the government. They need to take the training-wheels off.

New Jersey’s muni courts system collected $400 million in fines and fees last year, S.P. Sullivan reports, under a system that contains “unnecessary conflicts of interest” because judges are hired by towns and have their performance evaluated on the revenue they collect. That story’s based on a report commissioned by the state Supreme Court that found residents get dinged for low-level offenses then shaken down with threats of jail time or license suspensions, etc. end up getting charged with contempt, piling up additional fines, under a system that sometimes had “more to do with generating revenue than the fair administration of justice.”

To recap, if you’re rich and whine about your taxes for a living they’ll rebuild your beach-house or give you $6 million for site improvements to your moldering casino, but if you’re poor and get dinged for marijuana possession you can end up paying $1,000 in fines by the time they’ve held you upside down by the ankles and shaken you for six months. #justice

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