Craft Beer, Bail Changes, Atlantic City Art – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Craft Beer
If you’re interested in the craft beer movement and if you’re particularly interested in how breweries in the South Jersey region are faring, you need to read this piece by Matt Skoufalos of NJ Pen. Skoufalos attended a gathering of the Garden State Craft Brewers’ Guild in Oaklyn earlier this week and covered the growing trade organization’s bid to push back against some of the state’s red tape. while growing a community that will “play nice” with other special interest groups and providing a support network to its members. Also, there’s the inside scoop on a new nanobrewery planned for downtown Haddonfield that could help bring some new visitors into the town.

Bail Changes
You might have heard a lot of talk about bail reform since it went into effect on Jan. 1 but it’s been hard to figure out what, exactly, is going on. This piece via the NYTimes takes a deep look into just how radical the change has been, with cash bail pretty much eliminated. “Bail is still an option, but the reality is that judges have nearly done away with it. In the 3,382 cases statewide that were processed in the first four weeks of January, judges set bail only three times. An additional 283 defendants were held without bail because they were accused of a serious crime or were a significant flight risk, or both.”

Atlantic City Art
Someone – using the hashtag #ACANONYMOUS – has been going around stapling scenic images of Atlantic City in the place of boarded-up windows, signs and abandoned buildings. We got a call from the artist and learned a little more about the project to guerilla-beautify Atlantic City – read our story here.

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The rest of today’s headlines include news on a march along the route of the proposed South Jersey Gas pipeline, a project for state-wide data transparency and the snow forecast for tomorrow – all that and more below.

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