Curbing Opioid Incentives, LD2 – Friday’s Roundup

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Curbing Opioid Incentives
New Jersey is considering curbing the lavish meals and other incentives handed out to doctors by pharmaceutical companies, reports the AP. New Jersey’s Attorney General Christopher Porrino held a public hearing in Newark on Thursday to discuss whether the incentives encourage doctors to prescribe highly-addictive medications such as opioids.

The BierGarten Atlantic City – right on the Boardwalk. It’ll be opening Presidents Day Weekend 2018.

NJSpotlight has an incredibly long analysis of the battle for senate seat in LD2 (most of Atlantic County). The piece interviews Colin Bell but Chris Brown “wasn’t available”. Bell doubles down on his commitment to fight North Jersey casinos (which seems all the more relevant given the candidates at the gubernatorial debate this week discussed expanding gaming). Brenda Taube, on Brown’s ticket, talks about the influence of special interests on the Dems. Both sides talk about the need to reduce property taxes (it’s not clear if they were asked how this would happen) and diversify the economy.

In the rest of the day’s news, students at a Gloucester County School (Washington Township High School) staged a peaceful protest on Thursday in response to a racial incident, more than 20 percent of Sandy survivors are still not back in their homes (and is the state listening to the lessons to be learned?), Sen. Bob Menendez campaign fundraising has been hurt by his corruption trial, and Stockton University President Harvey Kesselman has written an op-ed on the value of higher education. All that and more below:

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