Does Frank Gilliam Understand Millennials? Is Mark Callazzo a Hipster? These Rhetorical Questions and More – Wednesday’s Roundup

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I Don’t Think We’re Getting New Trains
The Republicans are passing their tax bill, which is still polling in the low 30s, owing to the recalcitrance of the liberal media, though to be fair lots of other groups have spoken out against the bill as well. Among the locals in Congress it only has Tom MacArthur’s support. LoBiondo called it “detrimental.” Etc.

Among its many consequences, the bill seems to bode poorly for the prospects of a major infrastructure initiative, which might help Atlantic County, since if you could get from here to Philly say in an hour, we could be the next Asbury Park (!) but on Fox News last night I watched the host call one guy who mentioned infrastructure (Austan Goolsbee) a “tax and spend Democrat” for broaching the subject on the cusp of the president’s great victory.

As a member of the Liberal Media myself, this got me thinking. Wasn’t infrastructure a major promise of the Trump campaign?

I guess Donald wanted to cut taxes AND spend a trillion dollars on roads and bridges and a high-speed Jitney lane to New York City–the kind of thinking that led to six bankruptcies. But he’s winning the War on Christmas so I guess we’re even.

Frank Gilliam: Millennial Understander?
Fast on the heels of her exit interview with Don Guardian, Excellent Amy Rosenberg has a sit-down with the Mayor-elect, Frank Gilliam, and correct me if I’m wrong but does she call Mark Callazzo a hipster in the third section down? She says he’s one of the “young developers” planting the “hipster flag” on Tennessee Avenue. I’m updating the file (“Suspected Hipster”).

Amy also has the Mayor-elect saying, “Atlantic City’s survival depends on millennials being part of the process,” and notes Gilliam plans to move aggressively to bring development to our fabulously underutilized beach blocks, home to some of the most surreal parking lots on the Eastern seaboard. “That’s not gentrification, that’s an improvement in the condition of the area,” Amy said Gilliam said. I hope he’s right.

Phil Murphy: Then and Now
That bill to give more pension money to well-connected politicians is moving through the process and yesterday Phil Murphy was asked about it, because it’s “controversial” and presumably he wants to differentiate himself from his predecessor, Chris Christie (he’s unpopular), who was loudly and consistently critical of pensions for public workers yet seems keen to sign-off on this handout to colleagues. Instead of offering a real opinion though, Murphy directed reporters to a report by a panel he chaired in 2005.

In an act of journalistic derring-do, Christian Hetrick read the report. Here’s what it said. “The pension system was meant for career employees. Abuses by the politically well-connected are more than simply inappropriate; they erode the integrity of the system.”

Here’s what Murphy said yesterday. “I don’t know the bill, per se.”

Is Christian a Millennial? He might be. Maybe we have met one.

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