Elections, Atlantic Coast Drilling, Club Wa – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Atlantic County has some interesting primary elections today and The Press of Atlantic City’s John DeRosier has the rundown on the last few weeks of campaigning in the Democratic primary for mayor of Atlantic City, and the Democratic primary for a spot on the party ticket for New Jersey Assembly (District 2). Then, of course, there’s the race for governor (NJSpotlight has all the details on that race you ever needed to know). We’ll be covering the results as they come in on our homepage and Twitter.

Photo via @mckinnonerario on Instagram

Atlantic Coast Drilling
President Trump yesterday opened the door to possible drilling off the Atlantic Coast, by five permits to allow companies to conduct seismic surveys with air guns, a technology used to explore for oil and gas, NJSpotlight reports. Conservationists have long fought drilling off the Atlantic Coast, which they say would harm marine wildlife.

Club Wa
AKA the Margate Wawa, “Club Wa” will have its own police detail all summer (paid for by Wawa) as part of wider efforts to prevent a repeat of the beach brawl that briefly made Margate famous for more than Lucy the Elephant. Amy Rosenberg has the details for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

In the rest of the day’s news, read more about the microbreweries trend in New Jersey, read this NJPen piece on the park that has finally been built on a former prison site along the Camden waterfront, and Dan Skeldon says the weather will be gloomy through Thursday but the weekend will be good. All that and more below:

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