April 15, 2022

Everything Else We’re Watching

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Pick up some veg, pet a goat, buy a bottle of white…Reed’s Farm is forming a partnership with Cape May’s Hawk Haven Vineyard to offer their wines at the farm market in Egg Harbor Township. Reed’s Farm told us in an email they hope the wines may be available for sale at Micky’s Market on the farm this summer. Hawk Haven recently applied to E.H.T’s alcoholic beverage commission division.

Atlantic City’s Ducktown neighborhood is getting a historic makeover–maybe. The 

Rutala Associates’ 2019 report on Ducktown Revitalization found that historic properties in the neighborhood were threatened by existing planning rules. “The City and CRDA’s existing zoning regulations effectively render nearly all of the neighborhood’s historic core non-conforming by way of use or bulk requirements.” The Rutala report recommended (among other things) using historic preservation for economic development. Now, the city is seeking bids for grant management of the “Ducktown Neighborhood Preservation Program.”

Separate to the preservation efforts, a major infrastructure project in the neighborhood is slated to start soon: Atlantic City is now seeking bids to rebuild Ducktown’s bulkheads from Morris Avenue to the AC Expressway.

Atlantic City Economic Development Action Strategy Project. That’s the long name of the (apparently) new project the city currently has open to bidders. We couldn’t find out a whole lot about it but will watch out for news on it in the future.

AC School Board Bucking Hybrid Meeting Trend. Even as council, planning and other meetings continue to offer residents the opportunity to attend virtually as well as in person, the Atlantic City Board of Education is committed to in-person only meetings. We asked if meetings could be streamed and the assistant board secretary told us, “Per the Superintendent not at this time. We are all back to regular sessions(board meetings).”

What’s Coming Up?

Stockton University Community Day In AC! On Saturday, April Help with a cleanup of your neighborhood in the morning (please register ahead of time) and then join your neighbors at O’Donnell Park from 11am through 4pm for music, food and vendors. More details here on our calendar.

Further Reading

Murals at intersections and crosswalk art can reduce traffic accidents, according to a new Bloomberg Philanthropies report. Researchers compared crash rates and real-time behavior of pedestrians and motorists at 17 different asphalt art sites before and after the projects were installed. They found a 50% decrease in the rate of crashes involving pedestrians or other vulnerable road users, a 37% decrease in the rate of crashes leading to injuries and a 17% decrease in the total crash rate. They also reported improvements in pedestrian and driver behavior at intersections with art (for instance, more pedestrians waiting for the walk signal and fewer pedestrian/driver conflicts).

If you don’t have time to read the full report, you can read a writeup of it at Route Fifty (no relation.)

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