Fire Departments, Population Density, Sweeney v. Murphy is the Debate America Deserves

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Fire Dept I + II
Ventnor city council introduced a bond ordinance for $3.3 million to replace the fire house on Wellington Ave., which no longer meets FEMA standards and has “outlived its usefulness,” according to this story from Nanette LoBiondo.

Chief Cahill said he’s leading tours of the facility to show any doubters the place is indeed a wreck. He seemed serious.

Elsewhere in Fires, Lynda Cohen reports that ACFD dealt with two suspected arsons on Saturday afternoon, within a half hour of one another. Both were vacant homes.

Density’s data maven Stephen Stirling has a fun piece on the state’s population density, featuring a 3D map. I appreciated the Marie Kondo reference in graf eight. Do click through to the comments to see how quickly the most innocuous data visualization can turn into a series of hate-filled rants on the electoral college.

Steve Sweeney challenged Phil Murphy to a debate or something over their dueling programs for how to not raise taxes on millionaires, which I don’t know about you but I’d pay good money to see those two go at it on purely sociocultural grounds.

But a debate is very unlikely to happen, Matt Friedman at the Playbook notes while proposing that, if they do have one, ex-Camden Mayor Dana Redd should moderate.

Redd is set to get a gigantic pension courtesy of Sweeney, making her, “outlandish example of our state’s political machines using the system for their friends while insisting the little people must sacrifice.” Well-put as always, Mr. Friedman.

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