Health-Care $$$, Fire in the Pines – Monday’s Roundup

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Health Care 1
Steve Sweeney told a conference of school principals and supervisors he wants to move New Jersey school teachers off the School Employees Health Benefits Plan to the State Health Benefits Plan and that doing so would save $300 million annually, the valuable Spotlight reports.

In related Spotlight news, the rate of union membership among wage/salary workers in New Jersey was 14.9% in 2018, down from 16.2% the year prior, and, nationally, the rate of union membership among public-sector workers was more than five times higher than the rate for the private sector.

Health Care 2 
Seven people were charged in an insurance fraud scheme connected to an addiction treatment center that resulted in $14.6 million being seized from a bank account controlled by a man from Shamong. There sure is a lot of money in health care available for people who have sfa to do with health care. I’m updating my why-I’m–in-the-wrong-business PowerPoint. Again.

Separately, we are joining forces with Reveal to investigate work-based rehab centers. Do you have experience with a rehab that required you to work in exchange for treatment? We’re collecting your stories as part of this collaborative effort.  You can tell your story here.

Fire in the Pines 
Douglas Melgari has highly detailed coverage of the forest fire in the Pine Barrens, and it’s well that he should since he’s the editor of The Pine Barrens Tribune, which you should check out.

“This is the largest fire since the Warren Grove Forest Fire in 2007,” Melgari says a state DEP spokesperson says.

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