October 31, 2016

How Seedy is Too Seedy? And Updates at the House Of Depression – Monday’s Roundup

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How Seedy is Too Seedy?

In public relations, there’s an idea that all publicity is good publicity. A new TV series that will revive an investigation into an Atlantic City cold case – four dead prostitutes found behind a motel on our very own Route 40 – could test that PR adage, New Jersey 101.5 FM reports. Just recently, someone from the county was telling us that “kids these days” like the seedier side of Atlantic City – you know, slumming it is the new killing it – and it’s even a draw to a certain kind of blight-enamored tourist. Is this really a good thing for Atlantic City? Who knows, but I bet more people watch that show than watched the Miss America pageant.

Soon, Not So Depressing!

The Palace of Depression in Vineland is being refurbished – kind of. Philly.com has the lowdown on a non-profit group that has raised $300,000 to reassemble the house that was originally built from junk during the Great Depression. We need more of this kind of magic.

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