Margate Beach Mess, Segregation, Doomsday Prepper House – Monday’s Roundup

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The start of the season is rapidly approaching and the Margate beach is still a mess, Edward Van Embden for The Current reports.

Speaking of Margate… There was not a single black student enrolled in its William H. Ross III elementary school this year. Just five miles away in Atlantic City, meanwhile, there are schools that are more than 90 percent black or Hispanic. South Jersey is home to some of the state’s most segregated schools and a lawsuit is challenging rules that mandate school attendance by municipality. Read more on Route 40.

ARTeriors had a big opening on Tennessee Avenue Friday, Erin Serpico reports.

And Philip Norcross’s firm has been hired to consult on the marijuana-legalization issue.

And while you’re pondering the end of the world, Bill Duhart at has a long feature on a doomsday prepper’s house that’s on the market in Medford. The owners may have spent $1 million fortifying the house. “But doomsday came in the form of a banker with a foreclosure order after his wife’s prolonged illness and death.”

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