Opioid Strategies – Thursday’s Roundup

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A 30-year-old EHT man pleaded guilty to the drug-induced death of Caroline Boothby, 22, under the strict-liability law for selling her the fentanyl on which she overdosed, Lynda Cohen reports. Prosecutor Damon Tyner said if you sell drugs that cause the death of others, you will be charged with homicide.
Philip Eldred is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 28.

Twelve Atlantic City police officers will get full retirement pay after the Police & Fire Retirement System Board said they were entitled to the payout that was negotiated before the state negotiated benefits cuts. The police persons, who retired last fall, had salaries between $90k and $155k, John DeRosier reports, citing public records requests.

Elsewhere in policing, Matt Skoufalos at NJ Pen reports on efforts in Camden County to address the opioid crisis. One initiative, Operation SAL, sought to consolidate mental health and substance abuse agencies, while emphasizing community policing.
“Intercepting victims of addiction before their disorders claim their lives is the overarching focus of all this policymaking and enforcement.

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