Pinelands Mining, AC Firefighters, McMansions – Thursday’s Roundup

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Pinelands Mining
The Pinelands Commission’s Comprehensive Management Plan trumps local land-use laws and mining is not permitted in Pinelands “forest areas”, a state appellate court found yesterday. NJSpotlight reports that the court rejected a mining project that had been approved by a local planning board in Jackson Township. You can read the full unpublished opinion here.

Photo of a blue heron at the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge taken by Sue Tavarez (@suetavarezphotography on Instagram.)

AC Firefighters
A Superior Court judge who previously stopped a state plan to dramatically cut Atlantic City’s fire department on Wednesday gave the go-ahead for some job cuts but not before February, The Inquirer’s Amy Rosenberg reports. That means there will be a new governor in position when the cuts are permitted. Both gubernatorial candidates Rep. Kim Guadagno and Dem. Phil Murphy have indicated they would end the state’s takeover of Atlantic City, which has given the state the power to cut the city’s payroll. The judge on Wednesday agreed the state had that power, but added that reducing the fire department to below 180 firefighters would compromise safety.

New Jersey has a glut of McMansions in out-of-vogue suburbs, NJSpotlight reports, based on a new report into the state’s housing problems. Among other housing issues, New Jersey also has a lack of affordable housing in walkable communities. The report was written by the Fund for New Jersey, read it here.

In the rest of the day’s news, there was another debate for Atlantic County candidates last night and this time everyone showed up, former Phillie star Jimmy Rollins has put his Gloucester County mansion up for sale, meanwhile home ownership rates in Atlantic County are falling, and Camden is planning on moving 911 calls to the county system. All that and more below:

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