Pot, Pensions, Perseids – Friday’s Roundup

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The AC Press has details on the mandatory conference that applicants seeking to open medical marijuana dispensaries had to attend yesterday, as part of their application for a license from the state.

There are going to be six new dispensaries, two in South Jersey. And there are hundreds of applicants, including some movers-‘n-shakers locally. Route 40 has the exclusive on a proposal from Calvi Electric officials to repurpose their site in the center of the Tourism District as a medical marijuana dispensary and farm.

Blue-collar ironworker Steve Sweeney released his report on government spending in New Jersey, specifically on how to curb it, and it recommends “cutting public worker pension and health benefits, merging school districts and pushing towns to share more services,” Politico reports.

Sweeney’s policy page on the economy begins, “Republicans are championing policies that protect the wealthy elite among us by weakening the middle-class and undermining workers and organized labor.” Projection: It’s a way of life.

Our Economy and Jobs

The Perseid meteor shower is peaking and this weekend is a good time to see them, owing to the phase of the moon. Experts say the best place to view the meteors is “someplace dark.”

For more feats of journalism, and science, from across your region, do see below:

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