Prescription Probe Pleas, Trump’s Opioid Commitment – Friday’s Roundup

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Phew, we are glad to be back up and running. Below the top stories we’ve included a few links from the last few days while we were offline, but this is a bit of a reduced Roundup as we try and fix some other issues. If you want to know more about what happened, read below the links.

Prescription Probe Pleas
A Linwood pharmaceutical rep on Thursday pleaded guilty to charges related to a $28-million health-benefits fraud probe that has been the focus of intense Atlantic County gossip all summer. A gym-floor installer from Philadelphia also pleaded guilty to a smaller role in the scheme. More pleas are expected today, including one from a 10-year Atlantic City Fire Department veteran who resigned this month, Amy Rosenberg reports for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Also, watch Ted Greenberg’s report for NBC 10 here.

Trump’s Opioid Commitment
Just hours before we went offline, Bill published this piece on Donald Trump’s legacy in Atlantic City – which now seems to be mostly scratched, smashed and painted over from anywhere it might have previously appeared. The piece looks into efforts by local historian Levi Fox to set up a Trump Museum and help the city to some revenue from its connection to the President. It also considers the intravenous drug paraphernalia outside the Taj Mahal human resources office, the scratched-out TRUMPs on the posters of the casino there, and how that reflects on Trump’s campaign commitment to address the opioid crisis (and the Taj’s new owners). Bill went back to check the site yesterday and although some of the needles had been cleaned up there were still caps and other mess around – watch that video here.

Meet Mario – another of our #humansofatlanticcity pieces.

In the rest of the news from while we were offline, Gloucester Township has a bike-share scheme, read this feature on the waterborne-contaminants expert at American Water (he’s retiring after three decades), a Cherry Hill man runs a business selling white-supremacist merchandise, the legal bill for the Atlantic City takeover has reached $3 million,

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