Recruiting Holes, Sweeney, Tone & De-Escalation – Friday’s Roundup

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File Under Every Accusation is an Admission
The former Port Authority commissioner who told Tenafly police officer(s) “You may shut the f— up” among other delights in an approximately eight-minute rant lovingly captured on the dash cam has now said the Tenafly PD should “review best practices with respect to tone and de-escalation.”

We’re all going to have our favorite moments in this video, but mine’s when she tells the cops the kids in the car are PhD students at Yale and MIT.

I went to Yale by accident (football recruit) and used to wonder how many of those grad students skulking around in their stevedore costumes had parents like this lady. Almost all of them, it turned out!

Elsewhere in class consciousness, Steve Sweeney told the NJ Spotlight he’s opposed to the millionaires tax because he’s “trying to take the burden off of the middle-class people of this state.” I think he used the word “ironic” and said it while wearing a hard hat though so it’s cool.

Elsewhere in politics, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee told the Philly Inquirer he wasn’t so hot on his party’s Congressional candidates down here.

“[T]he LoBiondo seat is still a recruiting hole for us, I’ll be honest … I wish we had a better recruit in the LoBiondo seat but we don’t.”

No offense, dude!


The very, very wealthy vacation-home owners at the tip of Longport would prefer you did not park your car in front of their (mostly) vacant beach houses but will have to put up with it for another summer, Nanette LoBiondo reports.

Meanwhile at the other end of the island, Atlantic City’s #2 on the list of underfunded school districts in the state, according to Absecon and the Atlantic County Vocational School District are also in the top ten.

And in late-breaking news – the one and only USA Surfing (the US Olympic Committee’s National Governing Body for surfing) has hired Becky Fleischauer-Jewell to lead media and communications leading up to the sport’s 2020 Olympic debut in Tokyo. Becky, a principal of Boardwalk Public Relations, lives in Ocean City and you can follow her on the Twitter box @OCSurfBecky.

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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