Revel, Shutdown, Power Brokers and More – Friday’s Roundup

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Old Revel
The A.P. reports somebody bought a majority stake in the casino property formerly known as the Revel, and Bruce Deifik, who bought it from Glenn Straub, is keeping a “small, non-controlling interest.”

Tyner Suit
Current and former employees of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office filed their lawsuit against Damon Tyner etc., as advertised, alleging a culture of sexism, cronyism and impropriety.

The suit also names First Assistant Prosecutor Cary Shill and Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Mario Formica.

In a statement, Tyner said, “The plaintiffs are living in an alternative universe. The very same conduct they accuse me…of committing was actually carried out by them and others during their brief, ineffective period of leadership…”

The old “I’m rubber. You’re glue” defense. That one works.

The head of the Ocean County Republicans, George Gilmore, was indicted on six federal tax-type counts, Politico’s Matt Friedman reports, calling Gilmore, “the most powerful figure in one of the state’s most deeply red counties” whose endorsements are “highly sought after in GOP primary elections.” There are lots of fun details in this, including that Gilmore’s law firm had $2 million in public contracts and that he personally spent $80,000 on model trains.

What does $80,000 worth of model trains even look like?

The rich are not like you and me.

In unrelated news, two months ago they had a big, important election in Ocean County.

Scott Tully is a contract employee at the FAA Tech Center who was sent home on January 4 and has been out of work ever since, courtesy of the government shutdown and you should read his essay here.

“It scares me that the entity we all trust to govern, rule, and — dare I say, help us? — can’t even manage the people they directly employ.”

For more feats of journalism…

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