School Voucher Money, Fighter Jets and Tax Breaks – Tuesday’s Roundup

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School Vouchers

New Jersey’s teachers’ union spent tens of thousands of dollars – multiple times some of its members’ salaries – campaigning against the introduction of school vouchers in Atlantic City, but the issue has not gone away and interest seems to be spreading to other nearby communities. You can read the Route 40 exclusive here.

Fighter Jets

The Press of Atlantic City has the news that Atlantic City International Airport will not house the new F-35 Fighter Jets that Sen. Cory Booker and local Rep. Frank LoBiondo had hoped to lure to the New Jersey Air National Guard’s 177th Fighter Wing, which is based at the airport. Booker and LoBiondo got some pretty sweet lobbying money from the aerospace sector (more on that on Route 40 later) to try and do the deal and LoBiondo described the Air Force’s decision as a setback. The Press doesn’t go into detail, but presumably expansion of the base is now less likely. You can read the story here.

Tax Breaks

Meanwhile, a company has decided to move 80 staff into a vacant office floor in Atlantic City. That’s great news – or is it? Most of those jobs already exist and the company, which develops computer systems for the aerospace sector, is based just outside the city in Egg Harbor Township. Enroute Computer Solutions had threatened to leave Atlantic County, but now it is staying after getting just shy of $10 million in tax credits, The Press of Atlantic City reports. Considering Atlantic County (and Atlantic City) are in a financial crisis brought on by giving tax breaks to big businesses and squeezing homeowners to make up budget shortfalls, you’d think there would be more hesitation over the use of tax incentives to move businesses from one area to another, but on the flip side, it is good to keep jobs in the area. It’s just hard not to wonder whether that money could be better spent drawing in businesses from outside the area.

Snow! Maybe!

In weather news, it’s going to get cold and miserable and we might even get some snow by the end of the week.

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The rest of today’s headlines include an update on a Caesars robbery case, a look inside a South Jersey Poinsettia farm and a move in Cherry Hill to fix on a location for a rehab center. You can see what we’re reading here:

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