Seth Grossman, Fisherman’s Energy, Storm – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Seth Grossman
The national Republican Party has finally withdrawn its support for Seth Grossman, the Republican candidate for New Jersey’s second congressional district. Grossman has said he won’t drop out of the race, according to the Inquirer’s Amy Rosenberg, and it’s not clear what’s going to happen here. As Amy reports, “Locally, county Republican parties in the sprawling district have either declined comment or continued to support Grossman’s fund-raising efforts.”

Fisherman’s Energy
Fisherman’s Energy, a developer hoping to build an offshore wind farm 3 miles from the Atlantic City coast, is hoping to file a new plan with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities this month, according to NJ Spotlight. The BPU twice rejected the project, but the developer is hopeful the regulator is now moving to implement a new law that Gov. Murphy recently signed to boost offshore wind projects.

Atlantic City sunset – photo by Devon McCabe (@devon_inspirephotos on Instagram).

Hurricane Watch
On the subject of wind power, Tropical Storm Chris is spinning in the Atlantic parallel with Cape Hatteras, on a trajectory that would send it toward Nova Scotia. While the storm is expected to strengthen to a hurricane later today, it is likely to stay at some distance (200 miles or so) from the coast, which should limit its damage. Experts are watching for rip currents and beach erosion as the storm passes us by tomorrow. The Inquirer has details and you can check for storm updates via the National Hurricane Center.

In the rest of the headlines, an Atlantic City police officer revived a newborn baby, a Millville man has contracted a rare flesh-eating bacteria after crabbing in the Maurice River, South Jersey Industries is continuing its buying spree (paywall article, or read the press release) and the U.S. Third Circuit decided in favor of New Jersey’s criminal justice reform eliminating monetary bail as a prerequisite for release from jail.

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