Shooting, Longport, EDA – Monday’s Roundup

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Everybody reports on the death of Demond Tally, who was shot early Sunday morning after leaving Council President Marty Small’s house, per Lynda Cohen’s story.

Tally played football at EHT High School in the 90s and coached the Atlantic City Dolphins. His son was murdered outside the Hamilton Mall on Black Friday in 2016.

Longport: City of Tomorrow
A grad student at Stockton is doing a study on the Longport Volunteer Fire Department, where the average age of the top ten volunteer responders is “61.5,” Mayor Nick Russo says.

“Where are we going to be in 3, 5 and 10 years?”

Stockton continues study of Longport Fire Dept.

This calls to mind a story from two weeks ago about an 11,000-square-foot beach house “tucked away” in Longport and currently on the market for $5.25 million.

In the future, we’ll all have 11,000 square-foot beach houses on the market for $5.25 million, with crews of 70-year-old volunteers to firefight them if they burst into flames.

Elsewhere in Economic Realism, Matt Friedman at Politico reported last week that the EDA had retained white-collar defense attorneys as it braced for a fight with the Murphy people, I guess, over the lavish incentive programs for corporations that definitely, definitely need them.

Now, fancy white-collar defense attorneys are expensive, but fret not, fellow citizen, the EDA is “a self-supporting state entity and therefore all expenses would be covered by the EDA and not the State,” the chief of staff of the EDA said in a statement.

They’re “self-sustaining.” Like Skynet or something.

CRDA thinks of itself the same way, incidentally. Rich people, when they can be coaxed into paying their taxes, pay them in some weird liminal zone where they can be reclaimed if the rich people promise to invest them in vague, innovate-y, jobs-create-y sounding projects nobody keeps track of.

The actual danger it seems is that you might start to think of your taxes as an investment, rather than as part of the “negative business climate” or whatever that’s driving outmigration to the Carolinas.

All hell would break loose.

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