Straw Men, Millionaires and Video of that Ventnor Crash–Wednesday’s Roundup!

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Get in the Zone
Ted Greenberg at NBC Philadelphia got surveillance video of the pickup truck plowing into the storefront in Ventnor Plaza. Only two injuries, amazingly.

Adults in the Room
Aggrieved Connecticut Millionaire Tom MacArthur, who has a 93 rating from the NRA, told The Asbury Park Press that more gun control was not the answer in the wake of the–I don’t know eighth? eighteenth?–school shooting of the year, even as the nation’s teenagers continued to embarrass his party over their commitment to ensuring people with severe mental illnesses have convenient access to high-powered weaponry, or as MacArthur put it, taking guns away from “law-abiding, mentally-sound” Americans” would “never fly in this country.”

That’s called a “straw man” argument kiddlies, and you should keep it in mind when they try to tell you they’re the only adults in the room.

Elsewhere in Millionaires, Senate President Steve Sweeney has formed a panel to study the impact of the Republican federal tax cuts on New Jersey residents, and as Michael Diamond of the Asbury Park Press points out, it’s 16 men and one woman. Sounds like the board of the CRDA!

It’s almost like there might be some common thread between the two…

Per Politico, either Sweeney is digging in against the Millionaires Tax, after being for it, or just picking a fight with Phil Murphy for opaque reasons we’ll probably never know.

What’s $5 Million?
Elsewhere in South Jersey Democrats, Vince Mazzeo and John Armato announced we’re getting “almost $5 million” from the Department of Transportation.

That’s almost enough to pay off Carl Icahn to demolish Trump Plaza!

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