November 4, 2016

The Business of Drugs and Unelected School Boards – Friday’s Roundup

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The Business of Drugs

There was a major drugs bust rounding up heroin and cocaine suppliers who operated throughout the area yesterday. Police and other law enforcement officials made 15 arrests in Camden and Philadelphia – the culmination of seven months of investigations by agencies that ranged from the New York City Police Department and New Jersey State Police to the U.S. Postal Service. Yes. If you ever needed proof that the illicit drugs trade is in fact a highly-organized logistics business, you should read a bit about what this group – allegedly with ties to Mexican cartels – were up to. Their business involved mailing, shipping and trucking drugs from Chicago to here. Our colleague in the NJ News Commons network, Matt Skoufalos of NJPen, has the details here.

Unelected School Boards

Linwood – how to put it? – is the suburb around Atlantic City with the most carefully constructed reputation for its school district (among other things). People talk a lot about the schools there and in a positive kind of way (there’s a PR lesson here for a lot of us, probably). But did you know it is one of just 17 school districts in the state to have an appointed, rather than an elected, school board? Linwoodians will get to vote Tuesday on whether to switch to an elected board from the current system in which the Mayor just picks the board. The Press of Atlantic City has an interesting op-ed on the vote – you can read it here.

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