The President’s Workforce, Foreclosures and More – Thursday’s Roundup

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Donald’s Workforce
Brian Donohue from News 12 went to Bound Brook to interview undocumented immigrants who worked at Trump National, because every undocumented immigrant, working in the U.S. illegally, works for some business-owner who illegally hired them, in this case the president, who has taken a more one-sided view of this crime in public.

Anyway. This will be news to exactly no one who has set foot in Atlantic City, but it is still important work from Mr. Donohue.

The Community and Urban Affairs Committee in the State Senate is holding a hearing on a package of bills to deal with housing foreclosures, because one in 986 New Jersey homes in in foreclosure of some kind, twice the national average, the valuable Spotlight reports.

A bill last week empowers counties and municipalities to charge property owners a fee based on how much storm-water runoff their properties create. Also, the Atlantic City MUA is considering the “liability of the FAA Technical Center for contamination of ACMUA’s production well with PFAS and PFOS chemicals.” And in other possibly related news, we got more rain last year than any since started keeping records in 1895, per this story.

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