Track Works, Gun Violence and the GOP Race Gets a Frontrunner – Monday’s Roundup

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There’ll be a service interruption on the AC-to-Philly train line from April 9 to June 22 so you’ll have to take the bus to Lindenwold while they do track work. Lynda Cohen has further details, professionally reported, here. has coverage of marches against gun violence around the state. I wonder where Jeff Van Drew was. What do I look like, a reporter?

Speaking of JVD, Hirsh Singh won the Atlantic County Republican club’s nomination to go against Van Drew in the race for Congress. In an interview with friendly media afterward he said something about “real America’s Conservative agenda” or something. I don’t know. They’re not attracting a lot of Churchills to the profession these days if you haven’t noticed.

Elsewhere in news from across your region:

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