Trump Plaza, Ballot Questions, Brainstorming AC – Thursday’s Roundup

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Trump Plaza
Trump Plaza will most likely be demolished, and although that’s something a lot of people have been saying for a while, NJ Advance spoke to Dale Finch in Atlantic City’s planning department and learned they are clearing out the interior. The question is what will happen to the land and whether Carl Icahn will sell it after demolition? Razing the Plaza could make way for a more pedestrian and bike-friendly connection between The Walk outlets and the Boardwalk. Just putting that out there…

Ocean City, via Susan Allen (@soozi3q on Instagram)

Ballot Questions
There will be two public questions on your ballot next week – one about library funding and one about how to spend money the state receives from suing polluters. The library funding question, if approved, would allow the state to issue $125 million in debt to fund capital improvements for libraries. The second question proposes a constitutional change that would mean money paid out by polluters could only be used to clear up environmental damage and not for general budget purposes. Read up on the ins and outs of the questions here via NJSpotlight.

Brainstorming AC
“One Friday morning at the end of September, a troupe of about 18 city, county, and state officials gathered on the seventh floor of Atlantic City’s stubby modernist city hall for an all-day workshop. The job at hand: Brainstorm ideas for the city’s application for a grant sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies.” Read more via Bill Sprouse for CityLab. (Here’s your semi-regular reminder that Route 40’s staff write elsewhere for money, although our goal is to make Route 40 a business that can sustain some employees. If you feel like throwing us a bone, become a supporting Route 40 member here – it’s $50 a year and gives you free access to our events and special offers from our business partners. If you don’t live in the Atlantic County area, you can still contribute via PayPal and you get to feel good about paying for original reporting).

In the rest of the day’s headlines, read about the Burlington County police chief charged with hate crimes, Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian is pressing ballot fraud allegations, and could a new Rutgers’ athletic facility replace Campbell Field on the Camden waterfront? All that and more below:

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