Uncounted Ballots, Resident Satisfaction, Plea Deals and More – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Uncounted Ballots
Chris Franklin at NJ.com reports on a Salem County election worker who alleged, in a lawsuit, she was told to keep her mouth shut after she discovered uncounted provisional ballots from a 2016 primary election.

No Satisfaction
Politico and the Observer report on a new poll that found only 50% of respondents said New Jersey was an excellent or a good place to live. Monmouth has been doing this for 40 years, and that’s the lowest percentage they’ve seen, prompting Patrick Murray, the pollster, to declare the results a “huge warning sign” for New Jersey’s political class.

Plea Deal
Lynda Cohen reports on the case of Ira Binder, who stole more than $352,000 from a Galloway homeowners association and got no jail time after reaching a plea deal with authorities. Binder’s lawyer said he doesn’t know what he spent the money on, but the association president says, “Binder bragged of breeding show dogs and seeing ‘Hamilton’ on Broadway several times.”

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