W. at Borgata, PSE&G Gets its $$$, Boardwalk Gets Longer? — Friday’s Roundup!

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Why was President George W. Bush at the Borgata yesterday? Lynda Cohen knows. Is she going to tell us? What are you hiding, Lynda?

PSE&G finally got its big subsidy bill, referred to euphemistically here as a “clean-energy” bill.

The company–which has a market cap of $25 billion?–celebrated by Tweeting it was proud to receive, what $300 million? $3 billion?, in public moneys even though it’s a profitable company whose executives are already lavishly compensated. Remind me why corporations are “proud” to get money they don’t need but say they can’t compete without? Because it’s good P.R.

Steve Sweeney celebrated by escalating his spat with Phil Murphy.

Elsewhere in subsidies, some Democrats met with some Liberals to discuss subsidies and socialism, extremism, liars, LEAKERS, agendas, America etc.

In un-related news, everyone’s taxes are too high and no one can figure out why.

New Jersey has the nation’s largest racial disparity in incarceration rates and you can’t vote here if you’re on parole. Something to keep in mind the next time you’re feeling disenfranchised.

ICE arrests of immigrants shot up 64% in the Philadelphia office last year, following a memo from Jeff Sessions urging more indictments. That’s compared to a 3% uptick nationwide. You know one group you never hear complain about their taxes? Undocumented immigrants, who paid $587 million in taxes in 2014. Is that right?

It’s finally starting to feel like spring and people were up on the boardwalk yesterday, on a new stretch that’s not actually open yet.

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