April 13, 2018

World Famous Boardwalk Getting Perceptibly, Unofficially Longer

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The world-famous Atlantic City boardwalk appears (wiggle word) about to get a little longer, according to a first-hand analysis by yrstrly at Route 40, who just took a bike ride down to 101 Boardwalk, which is a gem by the way. (Did you know it was designed by the Army Corps of Engineers to be hurricane-proof? I’m talking about the semi-circle between New Hampshire and Oriental Avenue.)

But this new stretch of boardwalk – from the corner of Oriental, down to about Grammercy – is very clearly not officially open to the public. In fact a sign says “DANGER” “DO NOT ENTER” and “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” but that sign was being roundly ignored by pedestrians Thursday who were out enjoying the weather, and the opportunity offered by whom or whatever had pushed the barrier out of the way. I counted four or five (pedestrians), and one dog.

At Pacific and the boardwalk, there’s no sign even. Or barrier.

Last June, the boardwalk from Rhode Island to Oriental was re-opened following renovations. Then in October 2017, a few weeks before election day, a one-block span between Madison and Melrose was rededicated. But, to our knowledge, the bits inbetween were/are still technically closed. Not closed in practice though, it seems like.

The plan ultimately is to restore one glorious boardwalk from the Ventnor/Margate border all the way to Gardner’s Basin.



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