Submitting Your Opinion Piece

You can submit an opinion piece to Route 40 by emailing us. It is free to publish. These are our guidelines for submitted content:

  • We will try, where possible, to reach out for counter arguments
  • We ask authors to include some information about themselves at the start of their piece, to explain who they are and why they are writing
  • We will edit the piece to follow AP style and we will fact check it too
  • All opinion pieces will be marked clearly for readers and will include the word “opinion” at the start of the headline
  • We will call to verify authorship
  • We expect submissions from expert sources (such as academics or public officials) to include contact details
  • We do not pay for submissions
  • We will not publish defamatory or offensive content

With a hat tip to the Star Tribune and Trusting News, here is a recommended check list to guide your opinion writing:

What makes a good commentary? 10 guiding questions

  1. Is the topic relevant to readers?
  2. Is the topic timely?
  3. Will your commentary add a fresh perspective or merely rehash what has already been said?
  4. Do you have expertise in the topic area? (This adds credibility, but it’s not mandatory; experts don’t have a monopoly on insight.)
  5. Is the writing clear and efficient and within our word limitation of around 700 words? (The best arguments are short and there’s only so much editing we can reasonably do.)
  6. Is the commentary engaging?
  7. Does the submission offer a clear point of view? Is it plausible?
  8. Is the argument being presented logically sound in its construction and conclusions?
  9. Does the commentary avoid hyperbole and fallacies? (No exaggerations, no red herrings, no ad hominem attacks.)
  10. If outside material or data is being presented, is it appropriately sourced? Do any numbers cited add up correctly?