Murphy Fires Back, Immigrants Pay Taxes and Is Princeton Trump Country? – Thursday’s Roundup!

Phil Murphy fired back at Texas Governor Greg Abbott after Abbott wrote yesterday that New Jerseyans should consider moving to Texas because the taxes are lower there. This reminds me of the time some Texas state troopers saw a big bird in the sky and word got out the Jersey Devil had for some reason fled to Brownsville and my grandmother had to intervene to stop these people from Smithville (“the Concerned Citizens for the Return of the Jersey Devil”) who were going to fly down there in a hot-air balloon to retrieve our local cryptid. My grandmother was from old Leeds Point “Bay People” stock and she loved to sit around and listen to millionaires complain about their taxes. God I miss her. Elsewhere in immigration, undocumented persons paid more than $14 million in taxes in Atlantic County in 2017, and they paid $587 million statewide, according to a report that was no doubt compiled by liberals.

St. Nick’s, Chef Garces and the Pageant- Wednesday’s Roundup!

$4.325 Million
CRDA has agreed to chip in $4.325 million in hazard pay to ensure the Miss America Pageant will be held in Atlantic City this year, everyone reports. Kudos to Amy Kuperinski for linking to that image of the board of directors. Amy Rosenberg points out they denied a request for $50K to expand a community gardening project. I’m not mathemagician but $50K is $0.050 million, right? In related news, the governor of Texas says you should move there because the taxes are lower.

Hard Rock, Taxes, Cognitive Dissonance — Tuesday’s Roundup!

Hard Rock’s going before the CRDA today to seek both preliminary and final site approval for their project to redo the Taj Mahal and does it seem weird to do preliminary and final at the same time? It seemed weird to Jim Kennedy – the former CRDA head – who tweeted, “I’m a big fan of Hard Rock Atlantic City. But, it’s just wrong for the CRDA to conduct a same day Preliminary & Final Site Plan approval process. The reason there is a two step process is it’s a deliberative process.” We called the CRDA spokespeople for comment, but they never get back to us. I wouldn’t get back to us either.

Millionaires, Taxes and You – Thursday’s Roundup!

Taxing millionaires is supposed to chase them off to South Carolina, where they live together in a big mangrove swamp and swim in piles of money all day, but that’s not what actually happens according to this report, which alleges “even in New Jersey, migration of high-income taxpayers in response to ‘millionaire taxes’ has been relatively unimportant.”

Profits Rise, Everything Else is Falling Apart – Tuesday’s Roundup!

Today’s big regional headline is a 22.5% increase in gross operating profit by Atlantic City’s casinos, which the A.P. calls “good news for the seaside gambling resort” and a “jackpot” for someone. Could have fooled me! Who are the six people left in Atlantic County who think casino profits still correlate with local happiness/security/contentment?

3rd District Shenanigans, Doors, Liberty & Jersey Shore – Friday’s Roundup

The New York Times profiled Andy Kim, the Democrat looking to unseat Tom MacArthur in the 3rd Congressional district. Meanwhile, MacArthur called Kim a cheater for owning a condo in D.C. and a few days ago, somebody suggested Kim was a communist.

Hard to tell what would hurt Kim more among the Pineys of Ocean County: actual evidence of a scandal or an endorsement from the New York Times.

Party Like It’s 1982! – Thursday’s Roundup

STATS ALERT: Last year Atlantic City had its lowest visitation rate since 1982, back when Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones were regulars on the casino circuit. Hang on I’m being told Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones are still regulars on the casino circuit.

Gilliam Rising, ‘Involuntary Commitment’ and How to Stop a Predator Online – Tuesday’s Roundup!

A New Jersey Superior Court Judge dismissed the criminal complaint against Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam over a $10,000 campaign donation he allegedly stole from the city Democratic Committee that, allegedly, had just worked to elect him a few months earlier. The whole thing was kind of weird, if you ask me. But it seems to be over. The mayor was holding a press conference as we typed. Elsewhere at the Press of AC, Nicole Leonard takes a dive into the important question of whether New Jersey should adopt an “involuntary-commitment” law that would allow people with an abuse disorder (to opioids mostly) to be sent into treatment against their will.

Ventnorites Start New Podcast

Ventnor natives Sean Hughes and Emily Van Duyne have started a new podcast called Exit 38, after the ramp on the Garden State Parkway that points you to Atlantic City.