Toss-Ups, Bedbug-Sniffing Dogs, Medical Marijuana – Wednesday’s Roundup

Egg Harbor City ok’d a redevelopment plan that would put a medical marijuana grow facility at a boat-building, erm, building that’s currently owned by Dr. Trocki. All this is contingent on state licensing though.

I’m old enough to remember when marijuana liberalization was supposed to benefit African-Americans, as in economically, since non-African-Americans have been locking them up for decades for this thing that’s now going to be a big business.

Joyriding, Fall is Coming and Don’t Mess with Nature – Tuesday’s Roundup

Samaritan Gets Car Stolen
Not to make light of this but joyriding is an actual thing you can be charged with? Fall is Coming 
Read Dave O’Sullivan’s feature on the Oakcrest football squad and their 21 seniors, looking to get back into playoff contention. “Practices are a hoot because we’ve been together for so long, but I love it, it’s all positive vibes.”

Nature Watch
Look, a video of a waterspout! It was off LBI. Toxic Sites, Thirty Years Later
Not too long ago there was a big, nasty cancer cluster in a town not too far from here (Tom’s River).

Brigantine Drafts Plastic Bag Ban

Brigantine’s city council has drafted an ordinance that would ban single-use carryout bags. The rule goes beyond the 5-cent fee on carryout bags that neighboring shore towns Ventnor and Longport recently introduced.

Real Estate Day – Tuesday’s Roundup

So much real estate news in the City of Atlantic City! Amy Rosenberg has a long interview with Wasseem Boraie, the developer of the 255 unit multi-family project on what used to be Pauline’s Prairie. It has a pool. I didn’t know it had a pool. This changes everything!

A Tale Of Two States – Monday’s Roundup

New Jersey Transit is shutting down the AC to Philly train line for four months, effective September 4, to install safety systems I think they were supposed to put in months ago? The line needs to close not for the work to happen, but so they can move personnel from here to the north, to help run additional services while work happens up there. NJTransit knows better than anyone how the North/South divide works in New Jersey.

Seaview, Blueberries and Why Are We Wasting So Much Time On Dumb Drug Laws? – Thursday’s Roundup

Stockton sold Seaview for $21 million to one of those collections of letters with the word “capital” appended. ABC Capital or EFG Capital or whatever. Look, the point is that the socialists are coming for your plastic guns. The Press of AC’s Vincent Jackson has an ace report on this year’s blueberry season, which is winding to a close. Since blueberries are picked by hand, by immigrants, this bullsh*t with the kids in cages at the border has naturally impacted the bottom line.