Protecting The Many Or The Few

Looking at an aerial photograph showing off Atlantic City’s near-desolate South Inlet neighborhood and its new $38-million storm-protection structure, the New Yorker had a question.

“Did you have a lot of challenges justifying your cost analysis?”

$679K – Wednesday’s Roundup!

A federal judge ruled Atlantic City must pay nearly $679,000 to cover legal fees for Steven Stadler, who was beaten by police officers after he robbed a car wash on Albany Avenue.

Pet Cemeteries, Plastic Guns and Local 54 Claims Victory – Tuesday’s Roundup

Big Bob McDevit told the Press of AC that Local 54 feels vindicated in its fight with Carl Icahn now that Hard Rock has opened. McDevit said union members, “know in their heart that their fight brought this new beginning for Atlantic City,” David Danzis reports. The Founding Fathers definitely thought you should be able to make your own handgun out of the Internet and some melted plastic. There’s a hundred-year-old pet cemetery off Shore Road in Linwood, but you have to read Big Joe Kelly’s story to found out where. For more feats of journalism from across the region, see below:

Stockton Lawsuits, NJ High Schooler Exodus, Public-Sector Perks – Monday’s Roundup

Four civil lawsuits alleging sexual assault have now been filed against Stockton University and an unauthorized Greek organization at the school. Stockton President Harvey Kesselman on Friday published a letter to students in which he wrote, “We are deeply concerned about the victims and committed to being as transparent as possible to keep the Stockton community informed of these serious matters.”

The Business Scene: Beer And Hatchets Welcome

Atlantic City is supposed to be a bad place to start a business, but you might not know it if you were a start-up LLC looking to open an axe-throwing establishment next to a whiskey distillery in a residential neighborhood, a business idea I imagine would be met with skepticism in a lot of communities.
The axe-throwing entrepreneur, Bill Hanson, is the boyfriend of Leah Morgan, a painter, who has a studio in the Arts Garage, and is what brought Bill out of the Pine Barrens and down to Atlantic City in the first place.

Opioid Strategies – Thursday’s Roundup

A 30-year-old EHT man pleaded guilty to the drug-induced death of Caroline Boothby, 22, under the strict-liability law for selling her the fentanyl on which she overdosed, Lynda Cohen reports. Prosecutor Damon Tyner said if you sell drugs that cause the death of others, you will be charged with homicide.

Beach Concerts, School Funding, Aviation Parks – Wednesday’s Roundup

Demi Lovato is not performing at the Atlantic City beach concert Thursday. She was hospitalized yesterday, an apparent drug overdose. Various news outlets report it was opioids. TMZ says she was Narcan-ed. She’s been pretty open about her problems with OxyContin. Do you get the feeling our society has problems that can’t be solved with beach concerts?

Wages, Budgets, Local M&A – Tuesday’s Roundup

The average weekly wage in New Jersey increased 1% from 2010 to 2017, accounting for inflation, according to this analysis from Across a lot of South Jersey, wages fell during that time period. On the other hand, there was an uptick in the fourth quarter.
Thank goodness the economy is finally booming again!

UPDATE: Atlantic Club Pays Tax Lien, Avoids Foreclosure

The owner of the Atlantic Club, facing a foreclosure filing, has paid off back-dated taxes and interest from 2017, according to one official familiar with the court proceeding. The tax liens on the aging former casino at the southern end of Atlantic City’s Boardwalk were worth almost $1 million.

Losing a Piece of Margate, Corroborators and More – Monday’s Roundup

Big John Duffey, who ran Parti Pak Deli in Margate (the original Club Wa’) for 30 years then drove a Jitney in Atlantic City for however-many more, died last week at age 67. He was one of those larger-than-life personalities who seemed to know everybody, and who everybody seemed to love. There’s a Facebook group called Parti Pak Posse for veterans of his old store.

#Winning At Something – Friday’s Roundup

NJSpotlight reports that a battle is brewing in New Jersey’s not-yet-existent offshore wind industry, between the companies that want to build the offshore wind farms and other companies, known as transmission developers, who build the power lines that deliver the energy to customers.

They Put The Wood Up On Y’all

Around 11 am on Thursday morning—about an hour before it closed—two purple suitcases sat toppled in the lobby of the Fox Manor Hotel, maybe the most notorious of the many notorious boarding houses on Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City. A dismal parade of tired and vulnerable guests milled around the bags. A few of the guests had been staying at the hotel for months—a few for years.

Poets’ Night Out

On Wednesday night at the monthly gathering of the South Jersey Poets Collective, Cole Larry Eubanks, who has been an ice-cream man on the Atlantic City beach for 24 years, at least, read an original work on immigration.