A Plan, A Poll, A Raise – Tuesday’s Roundup

Everyone covers Phil Murphy’s speech on his plan, or something, for the economy, in which he proposed a $500 million venture capital fund, to replace the tax-incentive programs which are up for renewal next year.

Kim v. MacArthur, Opioids, Fireworks – Monday’s Roundup

The indefatigable Amy Rosenberg has a fun story on the race between Tom MacArthur and Andy Kim for the 3rd Congressional District, which has entered the Twilight Zone, with MacArthur simultaneously calling Kim a “Washington insider” (!) and “Not one of us” (Kim’s a second-generation American).

Norcs, Marijuana Justice, A Liquor-License App – Wednesday’s Roundup

Donald Norcross spent $24,570 from his office budget on Facebook ads during the first half of 2018, making him the top supporter of Mark Zuckerberg’s surveillance machine in Congress, at least according to this metric, ProPublica reports. Other Congresspersons may have spent more on FB through marketing agencies, but those stats are more opaque.

Suburbs! Diversity! Fall Has Fallen – Monday’s Roundup

Happy Monday, Route 40 Roundup Readers! Hope you had a good weekend! And what a busy weekend it was on the world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. On Saturday, they had a longboard competition in front of Showboat and the old Revel casino, and the waves seemed super. The BW also hosted Vagabike VI, a scenic beachfront fund-raising ride organized by Vagabond restaurant.

Rent Too D*amn High – Wednesday’s Roundup

A bill that would let the state buy up foreclosed homes and turn them into affordable housing was passed 4-0 by the Senate Economic Growth Committee Monday, meaning it moves on now to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. Versions of this bill have been passed in the…*searches thesaurus* past but were always vetoed by Chris Christie, who was a famous softball player.

Five Things We Love About Lower Chelsea!

Route 40 has its headquarters here, and though we told ourselves we weren’t going to do this kind of thing (Shopping Guides being the sisters to GENTRIFICATION) who doesn’t love a good listicle?

Rumors, Holtec Madness – Monday’s Roundup

There’s absolutely no truth to the rumor that a needle-exchange is coming to the old Dorset Avenue Wawa in Ventnor. File that along with the thing about Lucy the Elephant migrating to AC under: Rumors I First Heard When They Were Being Debunked. I’m badly informed!

CRDA, Prescription Probe, Innovation! – Friday’s Roundup

Do you want to know what local officials said about the CRDA audit? David Danzis of the Press of AC will tell you. Not to spoil things, but I get the impression they’re comfortable going forward, business as usual. Another young entrepreneur from Margate has pled guilty in the prescription-drug scheme, after admitting to receiving $179,370 in “gross proceeds” and being ordered to pay $2,092,791 in restitution. Atlantic City and Atlantic County were both winners of $100,000 (each) Innovation Challenge Grants from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.