AC’s Executive Takeover Order, NJ Budget Rundown, The Rt 9 Object – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Executive Takeover Order
AC’s firefighters and the state met in an Atlantic City courtroom on Tuesday to make their case for or against (respectively) job cuts and contract changes. The state’s attorney Ron Israel (who’s billing the state – ie taxpayers – $350 an hour) said last year’s Stabilization Act gives the governor “nonnegotiable prerogative” to change contracts in the city (except for teachers…) Judge Mendez asked, then, whether he had any role in the case before him. Israel said “Respectfully, no.” The judge seemed bemused. The firefighters’ lawyer compared the state’s action to President Trump’s order on immigration. “The (state’s) designee has sweeping authority. But that does not mean to do it in an unconstitutional manner,” he said. You should read Amy Rosenberg from The Philadelphia Inquirer on what went down.

NJ Budget Rundown
Gov. Chris Christie delivered his last budget on Tuesday, offering up no major tax cuts but also no major spending changes either. NJ Spotlight reports that he left school funding untouched, but with an offer to negotiate on the topic with Democrats, and floated some ideas, like using lottery money to help pay for the state’s (still rather empty) pension pot, and asking the very profitable charity Blue Cross Blue Shield to help pay for more healthcare in the state.

The Rt 9 Object
Cat Country 107.3 wants your help figuring out what a bizarre white and red funnel coming out of the ground is doing alongside Route 9 in Little Egg Harbor. It looks a lot like the top of a large periscope from a submarine, but it’s on land… hmmm. Have a look here.

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The rest of the headlines from the last 24 hours include Donald Norcross inviting the half-Iranian Rowan University president to last night’s Trump speech, governor candidate Phil Murphy tells Pleasantville he just wants to serve, and the EHT school board has rejected a proposed transgender policy. All that and more below:

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