Atlantic City Has An Amazing Community Spirit and The Boss – Thursday’s Roundup

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Atlantic City Area Has An Amazing Community Spirit
It’s not quite the middle of January, everyone’s got energy bills, taxes and that back-to-work-or-school feeling on their mind. But a video of Alex, a homeless man who is well-known to many in the area, was posted by the Atlantic City Crust Kings and there’s been a spontaneous outpouring of affection for him and a successful fund-raising campaign. And it’s not about the money. You should read the comments and willingness to help here on the Scan AtlanticCity page and watch the video:

Sometimes it’s really hard not to be ground down around here by the foreclosures or the drug crisis or the casino job losses or just the winter weather. People are still angry after a divisive election. But if you want to feel just a little better about the people in your community, go and read some of those comments on Facebook in response to the video. It’s uplifting. You can help out here.

The Boss
To continue being uplifted, read NJ Advance Media’s roundup of Bruce Springsteen’s top quotes from a recent interview at Monmouth University. Here’s a sample: “I just read an article in the newspaper that says that New Jersey remains the No. 1 state that people move away from! (laughs) After all my hard work … but I made my living writing about moving away from New Jersey, so maybe that has something to do with it.” 

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The rest of the day’s headlines below range from a discussion of the state’s water supply, to Glenn Straub (he’s right back at it, bashing the regulators), to Gov. Christie’s efforts to tackle drug abuse:

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