Atlantic City’s Mailboxes Have Shrunk

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This article was updated on Monday, Oct. 22 to include the comments in paragraph 6 from the US Postal Inspector.

At some point in the last month or so, the USPS added screws to Atlantic City’s mailboxes to limit the drop-down opening. Now only letters or thin packages pass through.

“Someone was damaging the boxes,” says the USPS employee on the phone when I call the Atlantic City post office.

Do AC residents have to go to VentnorĀ  to mail packages outside of office hours now?

“Try Pleasantville,” the USPS worker suggests. Some Ventnor mailboxes have also been altered, for the same reason.

The USPS officials have a slightly different take.

Bolts were installed as a permanent security feature, said Alex Sylvester, US Postal Inspector in Philadelphia. Sylvester did not give a reason. The bolt will become a feature for boxes nationwide, Sylvester added.

“There is no particular reason for the installation other than the added security measures. This is a proactive effort to ensure the safety and security of the US Mail,” he said.



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